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August 12, 2011
"This is an amazing model from a very great artist. Everything was hand-made, and it even talks! ~TRP-Chan created it, along with several other costumes, But she deserves some recognition for this.." Also suggested by captain-vodka "Not only is the the best prop I've seen in a while but Trp-chan's Wheatley makes me feel like this little guy should be carried around everywhere while I try to shoot walls with a homemade portal gun." Wheatley Puppet by ~TRP-Chan
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Wheatley Puppet


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Hooray he's finished!! This demanding little robot has been hogging all my free time pretty much since April. I absolutely loved Portal 2 and as soon as I finished it I knew I had to build myself a Wheatley. Because Wheatley is the best thing ever. This guy'll be a prop alongside a Chell costume I'll be wearing.

He's roughly life-sized at approximately 12 inches across (might be an inch or two short of Wheatley's real diameter) and works as a puppet, using the hole in his back for access to his controls. His eyeplate and eyelids both move. He also plays 10 quotes from the game. His eye is lit up in some of the pictures there.. I really wish my camera could deal with the light better. You can actually see all the details when it's lit up, but the camera just washes them all out.

I've uploaded a video of him in motion here: [link]

It's kind of a crummy recording. He was being squeaky and I'm still getting used to controlling him, so it was a little jerky. I'll probably record a smoother video and upload it soon.

You can see the entire process of how he was made here: [link]

Unfortunately, he's not for sale and I don't have any immediate plans to sell or make any more. Sorry! I just don't have the time. D: I absolutely promise if that changes you guys will be the very first to know. =3

So yep, that's Wheatley! Thanks for looking~ <3

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. I'm so happy so many people like my little puppet. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the comments and questions I've been getting, so I thought I should put up a FAQ list of the questions I keep seeing a lot.

1. How much does the puppet weigh?
Just under six pounds.

2. What are his dimensions?
He's about 12 inches across. I don't have lists of measurements for all his details, but honestly none of them are completely accurate. I eyeballed a lot of things.

3. Can I buy one?
I don't have any plans to start selling these.

4. Can I make one?

5. Can you tell me how to make one?
I've been responding to some people asking for build advice, but I'm afraid it's starting to get kind of overwhelming. I don't think I can keep giving explanations for everything I'm asked. I do have my blog available detailing the basic process, which should be helpful to anyone trying to make their own core. I know the blog doesn't explain every facet of his design, but I didn't really write it as a tutorial. If you're interested in building your own core, don't feel like you have to duplicate my process exactly. There's really no reason to believe the way I did this is the best way. I had no idea what I was doing when I made my Wheatley. I just found my way through the whole process. In the end it made the project that much more rewarding. If you puzzle your way through some of the steps and come up with your own unique solutions, I think you'll be more satisfied in the end. <3
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