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Doomsday Averted

Inspired by the Rasputina song by the same name.
The banner's supposed to say "HALLELUJAH."

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Hey, do you still have a higher-res version of this?
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....somewhere... >_> It's on one of the kaput computers.
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Another fantastic image!
The hellbeasts didn't take into consideration the power of the shotgun/angsty-lass combo.
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Angsty, nothin'! Where others would sit around and bemoan their fate, Our Heroine pulls out a firearm and defends her town! Let this be a lesson to all creatures of evil: never underestimate the power of someone who's managed to put up with corsets and horrid shoes!
Miss-Monster's avatar
Not to mention the repellent poetry of their would be lovers.

Slaying evil hoards in a corset makes for appealing imagery.
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Very nice work, i like the composition and simple gradients mixed with the more detailed inking. great.
RagingInferno's avatar
holy crap that is good, i love the heavy shading. do i spot a lobster in the foreground?
furikku's avatar
You spot a claw...
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ooooh! colors...

I've always loved the stance in this. Everything else, you've already heard. (=
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Very nice. I'm not sure I want to know what she was saving the world from.

Or do I?
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And we all say... "ooh!"
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