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As I've said here and there on DeviantArt, I live in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has been part of the European Union, the biggest peace pact in the world, for many years. However, at some point in the 2010s, talk started of the UK leaving the European Union. Advocates for such a move made promises that we'd have the same benefits, more money for public services and so on. A referendum took place in 2016, I was suspicious, so I voted for the UK to remain in the European Union, as did my parents and brother (and most likely my brother's wife, although I can't confirm for sure at this time). However, the result of the referendum called for the UK to leave the European Union, 17.4 million votes to 16.7 million. Shortly afterwards, then-Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down and let a woman known as Theresa May take over. In March 2017, the government triggered Article 50, meaning the UK would leave the European Union 2 years later. In that time, I and many other Brits
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Over a year ago, it was announced that for season 5 of The Loud House, the characters would be aged up by 1 year, Lincoln would start middle school and Lori would start college. Now, with season 4 having ended not long ago (the remaining 12 episodes have yet to air in my country), a promo for the season 5 premiere special, Schooled!, has just been released. I am a bit nervous about it, Lincoln's new classroom looks a bit run down (oh no, please don't be another Town and Out, if you catch my drift!) and it looks like he's gonna face some new challenges. This could either be a good special that ends with everything being put right, or it could be another Kings of The Con, my least favorite 22 minute episode so far, and my least favorite season 4 episode! (Yes, I am aware that Schooled! will be a ONE HOUR special!) We knew Lori would start college soon, it was established in season 3's Driving Ambition, and the season 4 episodes Can't Hardly Wait and Don't You Fore-Get About Me
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Hey, bud. I'm sorry you had to deal with that jerk known as Mixmaster226. He's just denying that Hasbro will never give in to his demands and that it'll be impossible for season 9 to ever get revised because the show staff have already disbanded.

Honestly, part of me hopes something bad happens to him if it can keep him offline.

Thanks for the favorite!

If it’ll make you fee better, I found a pic of Sid Chang studying Spanish today!

If I could, I’d give Sid a sticker with the words ”Good Work!” in English and Spanish! It would look nice on her!

Oh dear. When will he learn?

No TV show in HISTORY has aged up its characters, only to age them back down in the next season!

Although the cast and crew haven’t actually said they began work on season 6, I’m pretty sure they did start work on it before Christmas, knowing that episodes take 10 months to produce!

05jstone however thinks production on season 6 has NOT yet started, just because he heard no one from the show say so!

Also, that savemlp jerk over on Twitter is repeating his BS…