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(And in a lot of other websites! You can see all of them here: https://linktr.ee/FuriarossaAndMimma )

Hello! Hello everyone!

We are two artist siblings, who are passionate about art, animals, writing and tv series.

We are also probably the most prolific artists who you have never met! We have already produced more than 10,000 artworks and several books.

We draw fanarts, furries, original characters, animals and much, much more!

We are winners, with our friends Cactus di Fuoco, of four Italian Watty prizes: in 2017 with L'Uomo dei Cimiteri, in 2019 with Io sono il Drago, in 2020 with Urban Legends and in 2022 with deus-ex-machina!

You can see and purchase all the Cactus di Fuoco's complete books (we did ALL the illustrations!) HERE.

If you are wondering: yes, we're available for large contract projects. If what you need are two artists for your project, well, you found us! No payment in exposure/profit sharing, please. If you've got real money for a real project then we're here for you, ready to talk about it and eventually to work on your dream project. Illustrated books, character designs, webcomics, whatever you want: we're up for them

Favourite Visual Artist
Altalamatox, Solid&Etc, Ciruelo, almost all the Fannibals
Favourite Movies
Hannibal, Red Dragon, Fight Club, Van Helsing and all the movies with werewolves
Favourite TV Shows
Hannibal, Lost, Doctor Who, Person of Interest, Torchwood
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mimmo Cavallaro
Favourite Books
Harry Potter series, Dracula, Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Enquist per Olov
Favourite Games
Pinball, RPG
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Penna a sfera, matita, tavoletta grafica
Other Interests
Art, wrestling, animals, cooking, tea, knives, werewolves, dragons
Due to inflation, and the fact that some of our commissions take several days to finish, we could barely have enough money to eat, we decided (finally, after many artist friends had advised us) to make some changes in our prices, raising them a little! The payment solution also changes! For commissions under 80 dollars, as usual the full price will be paid at the beginning, while for commissions above 80 dollars, half (50%) of the amount will be paid before and half (50%) after delivery (so we are more reassured, both we and the customer!). Also, commissions are open again! For now, since we still have to finish a couple of traditional art pieces, only digital styles (+ mixed 'n complex, we open those too) are available! (The available digital art styles include: digital chibis, transparent digital, mini chibis, digital colored sketches, digital) More details can be read on our new commission price sheet. If you have questions, just ask ;)
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Oh, hey, hum... do any Gargoyles fan follow us here? Maybe some of you didn't know the adventures of the Gargoyles and want to start, y'know, from... from the beginning. This may be an interesting thing for y'all comic collectors too! 30TH ANNIVERSARY DISNEY GARGOYLES COLLECTIONS ARE HERE! Long Out Of Print Gargoyles Comics Featuring Stories by Greg Weisman Are Collected Into New Remastered Graphic Novels! + You can read everything you need about this project (and pledge, if you want) HERE! + LONG OUT OF PRINT GARGOYLES COMICS COLLECTED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN DECADES Disney's beloved and revered series about Gargoyles that awaken in modern times is being remastered and repackaged into three beautiful graphic novel collections for fans and collectors. Featuring the work of Greg Weisman and a host of amazing artists and writers, these stories are long out of print and will be collected into wonderful editions perfect for display on your bookshelf from softcover to
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Hello hello hello germoglietti! Vi annunciamo con gaudio che un altro libro dei vostri autori preferiti (che saremmo, ovviamente, noi Cactus di Fuoco) è disponibile su Amazon, sia in versione e-book che cartacea! Quale, questa volta? La Cattedrale di Millennio: il Prete e il Diavolo. La versione pubblicata è corretta e ampliata con scene nuove che non avete trovato alla prima lettura su Wattpad! La copertina è come sempre delle nostre artiste ufficiali, Furiarossa and Mimma. Per chi non è stato nostro "beta reader" e non la conosce ancora... di cosa parla questa storia? La trama Se in un antico e incantato paesino pagano, pieno di streghe, all'improvviso arrivasse un prete? Don Lorenzo Impastato, sacerdote pasticcione alle prime armi, è stato scelto da un inflessibile vescovo per portare la parola di Cristo a Millennio, una città che ormai da decenni non ospita più alcun prete. Riuscirà nella sua missione di evangelizzazione o si perderà nei meandri affascinanti
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Happy birthday to you mimma!

Happy Birthday! :hug::party:

Hello there! I'm here because you supported me in some way! Gave me a llama, a watch, etc.!

From the bottom of my heart, your support means the absolute world to me, and I wouldn't be here without you! No words can describe how much a single watch or llama can be to me.

May you be blessed with happiness! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!!!!!