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+ SSj2 Gohan: Electricity +

LONG time without doing fan art...

Good way for starting the year...! With a half nekkid Gohan~<3

I know I had to upload this about an hour ago, because of #ooOBlondeAmbitionOoo's Secret Santa.

I got the theme "electricity". I wanted to do something more... "sexual", but meh, inspiration didn't come for that. BUT IT CAME FOR THIS!!!

Don't you like it? I do.

Gohan belongs to Akira Toriyama.
Art by me.
Lightning brushes here: [link]
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:iconwoaplz: but why his outfit are torn like that
Furiael's avatar
That's left to your imagination.
BradBaby199x's avatar
but it's very cool
PapaskleinerLiebling's avatar
Now! I want him NOW!!
Man, I knew he was hot, but in that tight hot stretchy uniform he is making me all.....happy ^^;
This is so awesome! The pose with the challenging fist, those ruined clothes (you should see me, I make so many mistakes, cause I can't concentrate on typing...too much drooling...) and that CAPE!!! I love that aura around him and with the flash in the bg it's simply perfect! Electricity? Nice way!!

Furiael's avatar
Just as I want him now! XD

He's all delicious on spandex... and well... everything started by seeing one pic from *vishstudio. Thanks to that gallery, I've managed to improve on male anatomy. I'm glad he seems big, sexy, angry, kickass... and... nice ass, LOL.

Thanks a lot for your comment, Nee-san... And well... Electricity = SSj2 = Cool Kickass Gohan XD

Love you! <3
PapaskleinerLiebling's avatar
He is all big, sexy, angry, kickass ... and ... ^^

It rocks!
LilDBZbuddy89's avatar
GWAH IT'S GOHAN!!!!! I love it!!!! The aura looks awesome and I love the shading and movement of his cape. Fantastic job!! :love:
Furiael's avatar
o.o; Yush, it's him! <3

I'm so glad you liked it! I made it pretty rushed since I thought I was late for submitting it, but I'm pleased with the results. Thanks for the comment!!
LilDBZbuddy89's avatar
hehe you're more than welcome. Gohan's one of my fav DBZ characters and you drew him so well!! :iconomgsocuteplz:
SaiyajinRin's avatar
Cool! I love the ki effects! I tried to watch you color this in an attempt to understand those insane programs, but the site wasn't working for me.

The end result is great though!
Furiael's avatar
O.O You tried to watch! Stupid Ustream! why didn't it wanted to work!?

-_-; Oh well...

I'll be streaming pretty frequently, so I hope you can manage to be with us! ^^

And thanks for the comment. I'm still working on a way for make them look more like ki, LOL.
Captainfusion's avatar
It's very well done.
Furiael's avatar
Thanks! ^3^

Happy new year!
cowcat44's avatar
humina humina smexy. Lovely coloring, very cool background also.
Furiael's avatar
YAY! Thanks! Thanks for commenting! <333
cowcat44's avatar
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I like your new auras. Very nice.
Furiael's avatar
Thanks, Kanyon. Still working on making awesome auras. Thanks for watching too, even if you were kinda "happy" due to the rum. LOL.
Bitchtits-McGee's avatar
Still looks awesome! >w<
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