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+ SSj2 Concept: Son Yuki +

I have never found SO difficult to recreate a character until I -met- this girl. ~RachelUchiha's character Yuki, is a descendant from Goku, and in part, the picture had to reflect some of his personality. But this girl had something special: Super Saiyajin. So then, the MUN asked me for something like "Hey, she's a super saiyan, and has to do with Goku. So, please do her like that, but try to make her look nice, keeping her ferminity". AND THERE THE PROBLEMS APPEARED.

This was about my 20th try with it! Somehow, she ended up looking like one of my boys and that really got me frustrated. And I owe this since LONG... that I'm so ashamed of admitting it. I am sure she was really angry, but... Damn, I hate circumstances. They make me feel like crap.

So well, when I completed this picture, I did some streaming and *StygianGrey came up with the same conslusion as I did... She looked pretty much like a SSj2. I must confess that I do love drawing spiky hair on SSj, and well, even with the boy-like looking, it goes IMO, really awesome on her.

About the coloring... Since I work now at an agency, I knew an illustrator who gave me a 30 minutes class of illustration, LOL. I tried... I TRIED! LMAO.

After all this speech, I just hope she likes it. And I will say it again. I apologize, ~RachelUchiha. I never meant to ignore you forever, or never complete your picture. I only work under real inspiration, and I had serious problems along. But well, I just hope you like and enjoy it. Want a version without the watermark? Note me with your email.

Son Yuki belongs to ~RachelUchiha.
Art by me.
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Woah, this is really great and awesome, nice work Furiael :D
bells123's avatar
*i feel weird cause my Oc has the same glad they don't look the same hehe*
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Haha! That can happen, yeah. Besides, Yuki isn't a strange/rarely used name.

Even with my OC Lime Yuuki, have that sensation of "this is so weird" when I see someone called/named Yuuki. Even if Yuuki in my char is the last name, lol.
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yea i feel weird when i see that even if her full names Yukina
when i see the name Yuki on other O.C's it feels strange 
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This is super awesome! <3 I love it!!! ^^
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YAY! Thankies, dear!
XxReiReixX's avatar
wow she looks soo badass!! :D
I love her C: she still looks female to me ^^

thank u to make her! this make me happy ^^
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*Will reply in Spanish*

Que bueno que te haya gustado. Mientras lo estaba dibujando estaba "Que le guste, Que le guste, Que le guste, Que le guste, Que le guste, Que le guste!!" Y pues, lo de SSj2 solo me dio excusa para hacer algo completamente diferente a lo que vi en diferentes galerías de DA sobre Yuki. Me demoré en hacerlo, PERO, cuando lo hice, puse todo mi empeño en el. Así que, a disfrutarlo! :3
XxReiReixX's avatar
jaja pues si, esta genial C: grax ^^ y genial idea de hacerla diferente C:

siempre pasa que hablo en ingles a quienes hablan español xD
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Glad you do, Kanyon. I'm working hard to recover my inspiration and not letting my pictures be so "flat"...
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