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Tutorial - how to make a moving tail

By FurForge
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After so many questions how I did my moving tails I made this small tutorial and hope it is enough to get the idea :)

Technique used in these tails:………
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HellzEntity's avatar
Amazing tutorial!
I used it, and now my yarn tail looks much more realistic!
Thank you! :D
i-love-daisy's avatar
This seems pretty easy
i might try to make it XD
TheRetroFox's avatar
This tutorial looks very good, and easy, I will try it for a fox tail.
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VirgoGarg's avatar
Making a disney-gargoyle type costume. Do you think the wire will hold?
SethKirklandJones's avatar
I can't get my mind to grasp how it moves? :3
FurForge's avatar
Below you find videos, there you can see how they move
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Aberguine's avatar
How thick do you think the foam can be before the wire can't support its own weight? I would love to have motion like this in a fox tail.
FurForge's avatar
I really don't know, haven't tried it. I made a fox tail about as thick as the one of my kirin and then added extentions as many as I was able to make. Looked quite good and fluffy, you might wanna try this method,its nt that heavy as foam.
TheDogsSpider's avatar
so the plastic hose goes all the way down the wire then you braid the yarn/wool over top, then proceed with sewing on the tufts of yarn/wool? ive never made a yarn tail yet, so I wanted to try this tutorial since it would be perfect for the costume I will be making.
mizzyvon's avatar
I'm confused about 'hose'...does that mean a garden hose or a panty hose?
FurForge's avatar
Yea, a rubber tube, thats a better word, I'll change that, thanks ^^'
Kitaronicus's avatar
Most likely a rubber tube. Like used for fish tanks. 
CrazyViper's avatar
Thats great! Thank you for shareing this! This will come in handy when I make my cat suit lol
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