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Long time no journal~ Ive been working hard on cauldron lately and just felt like spilling a few things related to that and just life in general and, man, its been a time. I know last year was hard on everyone, but for me 2019 was in many ways was worse even. I found myself in the lowest places possible and that's saying something considering the parental issues that plagued my homelife relentlessly until I moved out. One of the very few things that literally got me through, though, was my kitty.. my best friend, my familiar and comfort. In all ways possible she was my emotional support and got me through more than a few literal anxiety attacks and very dark bubbles. But she got very sick in early 2020, and it was terminal.. After the wonderful people at the ER helped her survive that first attack, we decided it was more than worth it to give her a those last few good months. so all through 2020 until mid September I had to keep a very vigilant watch, giving her the meds that kept
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In preparation for our upcoming move and upgrade, we wanted to start getting things sorted out so I can start transferring characters to the new app once its done. Firstly, we will not be porting them -all-. We have almost 100 normal ashes, which is to say nothing of all our side series as well as multiple stages per each. It would take forever xD So we want to ask our users which they want brought over and also we will only be apping a character's most current form.. Of course it can be your whole list! And even if you don't request the transfer/update, you can still grow anything on the new page. Secondly, and this goes hand in hand with the new apps/who is porting, a definite elemental affinity will have to be assigned to each. Where as some are very obvious, numerous designs and themes will probably have to be addressed with a little more nuance. For this part I will explain more what that means, as it changes slightly depending on the ash. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Every character
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BIG BIG NEWS! Please read all! We were supposed to have a double slot opening this next month, but Dea and I decided to withhold all slots and sales for the month of July so we can prepare a bunch of changes and a move for the group. Eclipse groups has too many pitfalls at the moment to feel worth it or viable even, so we will be migrating things over to a normal type account. We're -hoping- this way, journals, sales, and deviations wont just fall into the abyss like they have been in groups. We're going to re-do the aesthetic as well, meaning apps, store looks etc. A bigger focus will be placed on the Elemental Affinity of each character, since we've had those elemental gems out for a while and we always felt the definition of their use was too loose to be really helpful. I also love elemental theme concepts and its always been tempting ~ There will be the ones currently existing as Gems, but also an addition of a few more to round out the themes we believe will
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Happy late Bithday 
i Hope and wish you a great day as staying healty this year as more years will come ^^
Birthday cake  icon Daisy happy birthday! birthday cake Birthday Cake Cake For Artists with candle 50x50 icon
thank you! <33 I'll do my best kaomoji set 1 7/19 
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!
You're welcome.

Oh one question what is your favorite color?
that's always been a hard question for me xD as its always changing. When it comes to clothing, black for sure. but otherwise I've been into light purples lately ok sign f2u