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About the club.
This is just some general information about joining and all of that. - Anyone can join. (: - You don't have to submit anything to be allowed to join. - You don't have to put your icon in your description, but we'd appreciate it if you did. - We /are/ starting to organize some types of 'contests' and do more club activities. The problem is, I don't get much feedback or suggestions. Speak up, guys! ------------------------- Other than that, everyone can start submitting art of their Furc character(s). Just send me a note with the link and I'll post it on the front page. Maybe someone'll even get their gallery showcased once a week. :D I
deviantArt Furcadians Dream
We're still in need of a club dream. d: Thanks to ~aerindreah, because she's been the only one to volunteer to make one so far. If anyone else is interested, send me a note, please. (: Portrait-wise, there's going to be a lot to do.  There's six main species and four other species (dragon, phoenix, gryffe, and eagle). Then there's a male, female, and unspecified for each species. So if we take the ten species, multiplied by the three gender types, that's thirty ports. And that's a big number. I was thinking that we might just skip the unspecified ports to slim the number down a bit. Other than that, there's still the matter of choosing which
Hello, again.
Alright. Since no one answered to the last journal entry, I'll just have to go ahead and explain my idea. If no one has already created a dream for the club, then would anyone like to? My idea was that because it's summer, the whole club could create portraits for the dream using summer themes. I think it would be a bad idea to just let everyone pick which one they want to do, because most everyone would want to do canine or feline, including myself. I haven't figured out how we would pick who-gets-what yet, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me. (: Also, please excuse my lengthy abscence. As some of you have heard, my computer is b


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If anyone wants to start a new furcadia club with me, Note me <3
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Rather than join a dead club ... try :iconvincaworks:
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Ill join, furc char- Stixx Ravenfall.
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Furcadia! An obsession I couldn't control. =)
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