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This is just some general information about joining and all of that.

- Anyone can join. (:

- You don't have to submit anything to be allowed to join.

- You don't have to put your icon in your description, but we'd appreciate it if you did.

- We /are/ starting to organize some types of 'contests' and do more club activities. The problem is, I don't get much feedback or suggestions. Speak up, guys!


Other than that, everyone can start submitting art of their Furc character(s). Just send me a note with the link and I'll post it on the front page. Maybe someone'll even get their gallery showcased once a week. :D

I would start a contest, but Furcadia's doing their Halloween one soon. Also, we don't have any prizes to give out if we did do one. I would ask if anyone would be kind enough to donate roses or digos with a month or two left on them, but we'd have to figure out a way to transfer them and all that.

Ta-ta for now. :3


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If anyone wants to start a new furcadia club with me, Note me <3
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Rather than join a dead club ... try :iconvincaworks:
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Ill join, furc char- Stixx Ravenfall.
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Furcadia! An obsession I couldn't control. =)
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I use to go to furcadia =) it was pretty cool...
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