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Enter Voluptua!!

A character from the classic "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" TV show, Voluptua was a female villain featured in Season 2, in the episode titled "All that glitters".

Voluptua was described as "a master con artist who convinced King Midas to open a gambling palace called "The Golden Touch". She and her partner, Segallus, came to have a very strong hold over Midas. They plotted to kill the King so that Segallus could marry Princess Flaxen and become ruler of Midasius".

After witnessing an act of heroism by Hercules, Voluptua offered him a large sum of money to become one of the entertainers at the Golden Touch. Yet, Hercules refused and he eventually managed to thwart her plans to rule Midasius. "The Golden Touch" was closed and Midas put Voluptua and Segallus to work ploughing the fields of Midasius...

According to "The Legendary Journeys" Fandom wiki, Voluptua was interpreted by New Zeland actress Jennifer Ward-Lealand.


Fuzzydemon  Sources:

Fuzzydemon Character recreated for a recent commission project.

Happy cry (Tears of joy)
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Esa Xena ufff

10/10 Furboso cosmico del sistema alfa centauri!

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Xena like we never got to see her in the series.

Furbs3D's avatar

Let it be on written acts... I have only depicted Guinea Pigs on GIFS for more than 24 hours, lol

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The beauty of Erotic Art!!

Soolz's avatar

Yup, and I think Voluptia is far from finishing her lil game.

Furbs3D's avatar

As a Left-Hand Path student, I certainly can feel Voluptua´s potential for "devilish" deeds, bwahaha. Gotta send Lynn to a Time-Travel machine!!


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Time travel straight to Voluptias lair?

Furbs3D's avatar

Yup. Travels to the past have been described in general terms as more feasible than to the future, in our sci-fi lore, lol.

Albeit... the entire "time travel" issue is quite complex. According to what we know of General Relativity, there is only a matter of a few decades before we manage to find an actual Worm Hole, which shall make possible for ut to travel both to past and future....

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Time traveling, the easiest way for a lazy writter to ”fix”the plot. lol

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Quantum Physics!

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Her devlish Genius is evident on her facial expression, right?


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Incidentally I loved the series, thus:

Voluptua: "All girls love gold."

Xena: "MPF!"

Voluptua: "I said, ALL girls love gold. Period."

Xena: "MPFMPF!"

Voluptua: "You mean, you don't love gold?"

Xena: "MPF!!!"

Voluptua: "So there. You will LOVE this golden vibrator..."

Xena: "MPFMHHHH..."

Voluptua: "Gabrielle endured 239 orgasms before she passed out, I expect you to beat that record..."

Furbs3D's avatar

Fear not... in the Furbs-verse, both Xena and Gsbriell shall meet Qayin-Death quite soon, bwahahaha.

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Absolutely sensational -- the bondage and the gag look amazing to me! Nicely done :)

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Mmm very beautiful and sexy hot work! 🔥😍
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Lovely. Xena the way we have all imagined her.

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genial dibujo furbo

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