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QAYIN and ABEL: Sacrifice unto the Demiurge...

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"If thou lov’st Blood, the Shepherd’s Shrine, which smokes
On my right hand, hath shed it for thy service
In the first of the flock, whose limbs now reek
In sanguinary incense to thy skies...

Or if the sweet and blooming Fruits of Earth
And milder seasons, which the unstained turf
I spread them on now offers in the face
Of the broad Sun which ripened them, may seem
Good to thee, in as much as they have not
Suffered in Limb or Life and rather innocent, animal form...

A sample of thy works than supplication
To look on ours; if a shrine without victim
And altar without Gore may win thy favour,
Look on it..."

George Gordon Byron, a.k.a. "LORD BYRON" - "Cain" (1821)

Quoted by Ruben Van Luijk, on his Doctoral Thesis "Satan rehabilitated. A Study into Satanism in the Nineteenth Century" (2013).
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