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POWER GIRL: Kryptonite Jewelry (1)

By Furbs3D
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Mr. Luthor presents Power Girl a most lovely and costly New Year Gift...

Two Green Kryptonite, self-adherent nipple rings, and a neat Pink Kryptonite necklace.
What a gentleman!


:fuzzydemon: COMMISSION WORK!    Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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Bueno, a todas las chicas les gusta que les regalen joyas. Power Girl no iba a ser una excepción ;P

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Perfect accoutrements for any kryptonian heroine :-)

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Green's always a lovely colour for them...

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Awesome. Bonus points for originality.

Lara-n-Catsuits's avatar

OMG! Is that Furb’s Pee-Gee! :squee: my fan fav model has cometh back to meh in a breast-taking commission comeback XD oh how much this makes my New Furb Year great again!!! :giggle: damnnnnn I go goo for Pee-Gee...:faint: & Druuna xD

Furbs3D's avatar

Hey bruuuuuuuh!

Wassup! Yeah, indeed it was time for some PeeGee yumi stuff, hehe!

There is moar coming soon for this commission set!

How are ya?

jump rope

Lara-n-Catsuits's avatar

Hey, Furbs3D-licious

😂...I knew I had a gut feeling that Pee-Gee-Bae would be back & holy BRUH she is! Damn, I pay Lex Luther a commission to have her weak for meh...hihihi :D but it Gotta be a Furb’s edition and not a Power Girl I want a Pee-Gee version :giggle: by the demon hell raiser half god him self (haha). 2x the Money Flow for her...I still have to work on her for some FanArt of my Furb VU model :3

Lara-n-Catsuits's avatar

The Evil Kermit the Karma Frog :lmao:

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If he had used the Pink Kryptonite first, this villain would've been a real gentleman, as Poower Girl would have then been ready to give him a super kiss.

Furbs3D's avatar

The "Sacred Alchemy of Golachab and Gha'agsheblah" allows for multiple options in its order, my friend... bwahaha.

* Kabbalistic names of the two Qliphoth associated with fiery, violent sexuality; their interplay manifests itself in carnal practices which mix pleasure and pain... in this case, the pink kryptonite stands for pleasure, and the green one stands for pain. A delicious mixture of both elements...

little demon right [f2u]

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Okay, black magic. Yeah, that would be impossible for Powergirl to handle.

Furbs3D's avatar

More like standard applied psychology, and a conscious effort some folks make for artificially creating a penchant for BDSM practices, hehehe! Or, at least, as a form of appreciating BDSM´ virtues on an aesthethic level.

Actually... all of Kabbalah can be easily translated to Psychology. Standard (Sephirothic) Kabbalah can be adapted to Stanislas Groff´s modern "Transpersonal Psychology"... while Qliphothic Kabbalah can be easily adapted to fill the main void left in that school of psychology (namely, the dark, negative aspects of humanity and its spirituality)...


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