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I've been having a lot of new Watchers recently and I want to welcome and thanks all of you for following my art....

For all who don't know yet, this is not my main social network, I varely come once a week to publish some of the things I do...

After the events that decimated Tumblr this past December I migrated all my shenanigans to Twitter

so, this is how you can engage with me now:

Furboz Art Galleries in the Webz!


100% of what I do is posted there, all my finished artwork in high resolution (with alternative versions in some cases), some rough sketches and WIPs 

You can gain access with a pledge as low as 1usd a month (yes I'm poor and I need money...)


For one time donations... Things have been rough for me so if you have a few $$$ to spare I would very much appreciate your help... 
HD versions of my drawings are posted there for supporters


My most active public account, I post 80% of what I do there (the rest are Patreon Exclusive)
Things like #fififriday are hosted there...
You get to see my drawings on real time there (not days appart)


My NSFW is posted there a few weeks after published on Patreon...
I post finished wokrs there, no doodles or sketches...


Mainly original art is posted there (and a few fanarts) I post about 50% of my art there

Tapastic and Webtoons

I post my 4Girls comic there (currently on hiatus cause you know... life is hard)

And other Networks less active


Tumblr.... No more!

Now the Personal Stuff:

As I said before, things have been rough for me this past months...years... I lost half of my Patreon earnings as a concequence of various personal troubles and poorly made choices; my wife got a minor but expensive surgery that made things worse; I'm in the worst economical situation in 4 years and I varely get all the bills paid at the end of each month....

Fortunatelly things are starting to get a bit better on the personal level and I'm finally been able to work full steam again, I recently started making animations and I'm concentrating on developing my art skills even more...

Still having some anxiety and depression... but I'm trying to stay positive and workiing hard to prevent more damage...

Hey! My birthday is coming on April! Maybe I'll be able to enjoy my month this year...

That's all for now, stay tuned because big things are coming!
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michaelmas Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Hope things improve for ya soon ^^
BB-K Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Take care, mate. All the best to you, been watching you since I joined in even before the Great DA Purge.
Hergman Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019
even when youre down in the dumps, that means the only way is up.

be brave, im sure you can pull trough whatever life has in store
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice work but hope to see more here:D
Furboz Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
There's no point in posting more in Deviant art... Turns out I discovered that this site has me in the Shadow Ban list... Which means no matter how much views/comments/faves I have in a drawing it will never show in the search results

So I'll keep posting as I've been doing the last months...

If you want to really see more... please go to Twitter
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not sure if you really are Shadow Ban I was able to find your Daisy Smile ANIM by looking up newest for Daisy 

Besides looking at the numbers you have that ban has little effect (if there a ban to begin with)

Plus Twitter is not the place to go to not get Shadow Ban ya know:XD:
Furboz Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, newest is not the problem (sometimes)... it's all time... or at least it was untill 2 deviants bought a subscription for me...

As in a miracle made by Jesus himself I started appearing in all searches (some still too far) 

It seems that the issue is not a shadow ban after all... it's a matter of money...
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I was able to find you Daisy abmiio comic easy too

but I understand we all have to make a living
Furboz Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Still... I think it's a little low for Deviant art to showcase only the artists that pay subscriptions over the ones who don't

Enough of this. let's move on!
DrChrisman Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok but I will say should not be to hard to upload to both here and there

Anyway good to hear from you:)
TymanTy914 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019
Hey there thanks for the info and now started following you on Twitter and Instagram :D.
Hope to commission you soon if they're open ^^.
DCA-Art-15 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019
also that bunny girl looks so cute!! >3<
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