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DFA2 pg41 Full Team
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Published: November 18, 2018
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Español: Subcultura dejo de existir, estoy buscando un nuevo portal para publicar en español...

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I love Mario Strikers, It's a shame that Nintendo forgot about that franchise... They keep doing Tennis games so why not Strikers!

First Public page in... more than a year? wow...
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Agonyblade11Student Writer
Kritter really does nothing but get hit in the face with a soccer ball.
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pheephHobbyist Digital Artist
Is this the Strikers team you made when you play the series?
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FurbozProfessional Digital Artist
Yup, this is my team!

Birdo is my wingman, Drybones my midfielder and Hammer bro on the D-fence
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aww man, Luigi got dumped for a croc.
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Can you please post the final 5 pages here? If you keep the last few pages donator exclusive, that's a dick move. Like another artist on my mind who had the ending of his comic exclusive to Patreon Supporters... Do what the artist of If Hell Had A Taste did. Make the Patreon early access for your comics, then release them later, which is long past due for Daisy Falls Apart! Please please please! Release the rest here! I can't donate money on the Internet as mom needs the money for home expenses! I'm not rich enough to spend cash without a care thinking it through! I also don't know where to go for Daisy Falls Apart except here!
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FurbozProfessional Digital Artist
Please don't get me wrong, but I also have expenses to cover, and my patreon campaign is almost half of what I get for living day by day... It's very hard for me to even pay the basics right now...

Eventough, the comic will be public once I get the final pages done and I'll never use a paywall again, it doesn't work as good as I would like, but for the time being I need to keep it as it is... Have patience and understand

I have 45 of 50 pages done, And I can't work on the final pages untill mid march or april since I need to gather money from commissions to pay for surgery for my wife...
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It's okay, Furboz. Take your time. We'll wait. I hope your wife get better soon.
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And still as funny as ever
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Alejandra16MelodyHobbyist Traditional Artist
*Ok, me encantó la referencia XD
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does Daisy have a fetish for crocodiles?  XD
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Poor Lugi, he has been dump one again
Rodimus402's avatar
My God finally, after all this month you come back
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ChaudTheGamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE DAISY <3 I want to snuggle with her!!
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Darksaiyan577Hobbyist General Artist
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Niban-DestikimHobbyist Digital Artist
Humm, ese cocodrilo se ve muy "afectuoso" con Daisy. :XD:
Furboz's avatar
FurbozProfessional Digital Artist
Recuerda que Daisy en este universo esta DESESPERADA... en todos los sentidos...

Daisy y el Coco, sentados en un arbol...
Scropion-Blood's avatar
FINALLY! You updated this comic, I thought you've forgotten all about this. I want MOAR! 
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Está genial ver de nuevo este cómic
Y si quieres publicarlo en español, los que publicaban en Subcultura crearon una nueva web llamada Faeno www.faneo.es/
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PhaedrolousStudent General Artist
She has a thing for reptiles...
No wonder she wants Bowser to kidnap her so badly.
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MattX125Student General Artist
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MrNintManHobbyist Traditional Artist
Soooo, this comic is still alive??


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She looks good in this outfit
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I think the reason they havn't done another Strikers is because they have no idea how to top Mario Strikers Charged.
An actual plotline with legit antagonists not named Bowser could help...
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FurbozProfessional Digital Artist
Thay have a great team at nintendo... someone can think a way to make it interesting...
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