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Artist // Hobbyist // Literature
My Bio
Hiya guys, I'm Furbastic, but you can call me Furen, the name of my OC here...well, soon to be OC. I like to write things and occasionally draw. You should know that the primary focus of this account is quite...um...tickly. So I hope you like to laugh. Also, enjoy the hoard of obscure characters I decide to have fun with...by which I mean, characters from shows like Watership Down, Animals of Farthing Wood, and Redwall. You should know, that unless the animals in the show, or whatever else, are anthropomorphic, all stories and drawings will be feral. ALSO also, the website will not have anything ticklish on it, its for my normal art, and eventually where I'll sell some things.

Favourite Visual Artist
I don't know. There's too many to pick a favorite.
Favourite Movies
The Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp I & II, Fantasia, Zootopia
Favourite TV Shows
Watership Down, Redwall, Animals of Farthing Wood
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gustav Holst, Anton Divorgak, Igor Stravinsky, Maroon 5, Josh Groban, and more
Favourite Books
The SYLO Chronicals, The Jack Reacher mystery novels, The Kane Chronicles, Maximum Ride, The Hunger Games Trilogy
Favourite Writers
me, D.J. McHale, Rick Reordan, Suzanne Colins, Lee Child
Favourite Games
Too many to list. If you wanna play a game with me, send me a note
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox One, 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, a notebook, Google Drive, and Scrivener on my computer
Other Interests
tickling, furry creatures (most specifically foxes)
So, it's actually at 102 now. Anyway, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do for this momentous occasion. And finally, I've decided. I'll be doing two things. The first is a short story. It's actually been entirely written already. I've just gotta edit it. And the second part will be something a bit...bigger. So, I've always liked the idea of those pick your own path stories. What I'm going to do, is create such a story. I'm going to write out a story in a word document most likely and will edit it. Then I'll work it into a java program. It will have a basic UI to enter in options when they appear. I plan on making the stor
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So, I just hit 100 watchers! Unfortunately I can't do anything immediately because of finals. But I'll try to get something special made soon. Thank you guys so much!
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Holy guacamole! 98 watchers! How the heck do I have so many? I suppose I owe it mostly to the wonderful artists I've commissioned...and the moneys I've parted with for said art. Some of my personal work have gotten a little recognition too, and my short stories. College makes it hard to keep up with work though. For one thing, I'm like three months overdue on an art trade, and I have a bunch of stuff I want to color, but don't have time to. My desk also inconveniently places my computer monitor in plain view of anyone that comes in the room, so when I do have down time, I can't really color. Over Thanksgiving break I'll try to get at least so
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Do you like to roleplay?

A bit, but I'm picky. What's your writing style?

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Thanks for the watch and unwatch for reasons maybe. Unless you unwatch me by accident.

I probably watched you to look at a watcher's only artwork you posted and unwatched when I wasn't interested in the content. Sorry about that.

Yeah, I kinda put some posts in watcher's only artwork since for many reasons. But I might consider on making those posts not watcher's only artworks in the near future. And it's okay if your not interested, I understand.