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Welcome and Rules

Welcome to Fur-and-Fluff!

We're a group about furry, feathery, and otherwise fluffy creatures! Any kind of creature is accepted that has any of these traits, not just mammals and birds. We also accept art of creatures that don't have fur that normally do (such as a cat with scales).

1: We will accept any art, with the following exceptions:
:bulletblack: Art without at least one fluffy subject (note that head hair - that is, human or human-like hair - alone does not count to make a non-fluffy subject apply to this group)
:bulletblack: Art where the fluffy subject(s) isn't/aren't prominent
:bulletblack: Porn, or otherwise excessively suggestive work
:bulletblack: Stolen art
:bulletblack: Character/doll-maker/generator images
:bulletblack: Stamps
:bulletblack: Journals
2: Deactivated accounts will be kicked out.
3: Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

About the Folders
Featured: Not used.
Traditional: Two-dimensional art done traditionally (pencils, markers, paint, etc.) goes in here.
Digital: Art done digitally (on your computer, tablet, phone, etc.) goes in here.
Literature: Writing goes in here.
Photography: Photographs (including three-dimensional traditional art, such as crafts) go in here.
Archive Folders: Used to keep older submissions of their given categories. Folders are archived when they get too full.

We would love to affiliate with you! We accept general art groups, fan clubs having to do with soft creatures, animal clubs, and plenty more. Simply send your request, and if it passes the bill, you'll be affiliated with us.

Gallery Folders

Apple Jewel by Baron-Engel
Soft by Baron-Engel
Owl with Pen by Yafilippe
.:Tiger:. by Lemurka3789
Smile! (commission) by echo-in-the-ether
Lunar Fox DTIYS Challenge Entry by MelancholyW0lf
.:Haniti ref:. by Lemurka3789
Tequlla {c} by Jaxzoi
Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep8 (literature) by LittleDevil-888
My Cat's DietMy cat is awesome; beautiful and most likely would win a beauty pageant if catsí have such a thing. Pukki has gotten a little fat over the last few years. We also have a couple of dogs that chase our two cats daily. Oh, the cats love their safe areas and the dogs occasionally go out to their other kennel. The front yard is pet heaven. It is about the size of a football field and full of natural trees up here in Northern Ontario. A six foot fence stops our pets from leaving and also stops critters, like a very big bear from entering and eating all the apples. Our two dogs are not smart enough to dig under and our two cats arenít smart enough to climb over (except once at the gate the old cat, Kiva did so we had to add chicken wire). I have spoiled my cat, Pukki, somewhat traumatized by the dogs; mostly our Jack Russell Tuuli, I have given her extra food. This has gone on long enough, a couple of years that she cannot clean herself properly. This leaves me or my wife (my wife 95% of the time) to clean her butt. Then a trip to the vets and my Pukki had her pussy shaved. With one problem solved, now she was on a diet. A few weeks go by and I am much disciplined only the allotted Ĺ cup of diet cat food a day. I canít say I saw any noticeable change but I felt good. I hadnít caved in to those eyes. It is simple. Donít look into those sorrowful beautiful eyes and indeed I did not cave in. Well, until I stepped into what I thought was maybe a grape, even though we hadnít had any grapes lately. Yes, then a second latter, I had heard the sound before I froze. Like when you step on broken glass, you donít move. I turn my dart board light on and to my horror I lifted up my big toe. A black redness of mouse intestines now was stuck to my toes. My cat had eaten everything except the intestines. I did what anyone would do. I panicked. I started playing Twister. Trying desperately to reach anything I could wipe this goo off my feet. I looked at my long underwear,(kind of cold the last few nights), so they were ready; but I couldnít bring myself to use them. I also had my leg/knee wraps that I couldnít bring myself to use either. I essentially stretched my toes and the intestines; I heaved down low enough to use a gum wrapper. My lovely Pukki does on occasion, when she is on a diet, eat mice. The problem might be that the pet door that gives them access to the great big football field size yard. If my cat is to lose weight, I need to know: how many calories a mouse has?Written by Rock's Rose Photography/E.W. Rantala...
Scar's betrayal (Story) by nubilum93
Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep7 (literature) by LittleDevil-888
Sibling Rivalry by RocksRose
Roughhousing Friends by RocksRose
Majestic Jethro by RocksRose
Molly in the sun by VonZeitZuZeit
Traditional Archive
Glory by Avokad
dia 8  by angels800
Ghost by MattBarley
A4 FP cmm Eyeless by MattBarley
Digital Archive
Thunderfang Thor by LhuneArt
200103 SCP-023-IT by TanijaTheFaun
[com] edm by revioLATE
Character design Arrayth by Sumoka
Digital Archive 2
Root by LhuneArt
Shoku by LhuneArt
Skiefire by LhuneArt
aurora borealis by captyns
Digital Archive 3
Creation by Claparo-Sans
Phoebe by captyns
Thank you for spending this time with me by CindyAvelino
Ura the bard by CindyAvelino
Digital Archive 4
King Sombra by Koveliana
Sakura Deer by kloir
Back to You 2 by Enigmadoodles
[A3] Charged Betta by Arukanoda
Digital Archive 5
Chaos and Me by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen
Digital Archive 6
Surprised Dot - Fake Screenshot. by CathyNoire
Digital Archive 7
Sykress Phantasma by Nightrizer
Digital Archive 8
Quick Bust of Zen by GrimmuzA


(This will be cross-posted to my other groups, as needed.)
Hey everyone, this is your founder speaking. First off, my sincere apologies for the lack of group activity these past few months; unfortunately, I was involved in a house fire in early July. My father and I (the only occupants) both survived mostly unscathed, but needless to say, throughout all the adjusting we've had to do, DeviantArt has not been on my mind very much. However, I realize this has meant neglecting my groups, so I'm sure most of you who are still active think this place is dead. In spite of that, I will be trying to be more active now (or, at least, logging in every few days or so to tend to my groups; my only means of accessing DA right now are either through the awful mobile version or slightly-less-awful desktop version via a very slow and somewhat unreliable mobile hotspot). I'll be going through the group messages and accepting and declining deviations as appropriate, as well as re-requesting expired submissions. However, if I missed your submission, or you want to submit something new, go right ahead. Due to a combination of factors (not in the least because I still absolutely despise Eclipse and thus do not find DA nearly as enjoyable to use anymore), it's unlikely I'll be visiting DA every single day anymore, but I will try for at least once a week. Again, my sincere apologies for my negligence!
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