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GBB Sling by stormymay888
We are not alone... by FeliDae84
Wolf-Mother by BirdinByNoon
Gorgeous in Green by stormymay888
Artist's Choice
# Spiderpeacock by MagicMicrokosmos27
Harry Potter - Aragog Spider by Kevercaser
Marbled orb weaver by BugDuJourByGale
One week before laying eggsack by KittyCanAbyss
Tarantulas, Trap Door and Funnel Web
Encounter With A Tarantula by BugDuJourByGale
Jumping Spiders
Tiny Black Jumping Spider by IrishDisaster
Black, gold and white- a nice color combination. by Alan-the-leopard
Jumper in a Wooden World by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Who said that spiders cannot be funny and amusing? by Alan-the-leopard
Crab Spiders
Conductor Spider by SpiderMilkshake
Crab Spider, Flower - 10.05.18  by WanderingMogwai
Northern Crab Spider with Meal - 2018 by WanderingMogwai
American Green Crab Spider - 2018 by WanderingMogwai
Orb Weavers
Holding a Golden Orb Weaver by IrishDisaster
Little Big Spider Lady by SpiderMilkshake
Spotted Orbweaver - 09.21.18  by WanderingMogwai
Never trust colorful patterns by Alan-the-leopard
Wolf Spiders
Kitchen Counter Hogna - 10.01.18  by WanderingMogwai
Genus Hogna Wolfspider - 09.26.18  by WanderingMogwai
Other Spiders
Dangling from a Tree Taipei by Chlodulfa
Rafting on 8 legs. by Alan-the-leopard
Spiders in Action
Leave me alone , I'm eating  by TIXIXX
Img 2516-1 by snomanda
Nigma Walckenaeri 2 by IRIS-KUPP
Shelob's Lair by PhilipHarvey
Identify Me Please
Baby Tummy by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
Just Don't Move... by SpiderMilkshake
Spider Love (Scy and Lana) by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Spiderlinggarten by Alan-the-leopard
Wonderful Webs and Silhouettes
Evening fog by rosaarvensis
The New Brood
Wolf Spider with young 2 by IRIS-KUPP
More Arachnids
My new pet! : D by Demon-of-Freedom
Spidey Art
Eresus kollari by MagicMicrokosmos27
Halloween Contest '11
Misumenoides formosipes by deanreevesii

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Featured- our contributors will be selecting their favorite work for our Featured Folder
Artist's Choice- you can submit one work per month, your submission will automatically be accepted.
All Other Folders- are fairly self explanatory, submissions into these folders are subject to vote.

If your submission has been declined, and you truly feel it is a work of superior quality let us know the intent of the work and why it deserves to be included in the gallery. (as the group grows I may not be able to guarantee this any more). If your work is worth defending to you its worth another consideration from us...

Group Info

Spiders are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth. If you find joy in these wonderful animals this is the place for you!

Anyone may join and contribute but please use discretion when selecting your art to submit here, we want to see your spider. The dA or any other obtrusive watermarks are a definite no-go.
We are currently looking for contributors, maybe a co-founder even so send us a note if you're interested...

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy all the beautiful spiders and spider art to be found here.
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Damn girl, you scary!
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