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Awesome starship

*** UPDATE ***

I have taken some of your suggestions into consideration and have finally uploaded a more detailed concept image of the awesome starship in order to adhere to the official guidelines and to make my entry valid. (Including extra dimensions which I kinda forgot about in the heat of the moment... ^^;)

The [more accurate] concept image can be viewed here: [link]

Thank you for the support and kind words! :nod:
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definitely my inspiration of the day
Phenoca's avatar
Did you win the contest?
Where did you find that starship packaging? ........ lol
Verfox's avatar
Holy sh*t this is the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

Can I see a high-poly in engine??
johnsdelima's avatar
Finally someone designing a Minmatar Ship! Think it will fit right in with their fleet! Nice job!
cxard's avatar
This made my day!!! :XD: I am still LOLing :XD:
You made my day!
waltzy's avatar
That is one big ass "awesome spaceship" xD
euscos's avatar
Nice entry!

This ship suits very well the capability and talent of the Caldari militia. If you see any, tell them to stop running and fight!

Very funny!
YETIHUG's avatar
Demons-in-the-sky's avatar
:icontearplz: So unique, so beautiful

kelmar6821's avatar
OMG! It's Snake's Covert Ops spaceship.
theNameless9's avatar
Well... They could win this contest, but they will never win the war!
why people post shit like this ?!!!!!
euscos's avatar
Because some people have a sense of humor... thank god.
funwithheroin's avatar
So I can laugh at people like you. :woohoo:
moonxels's avatar
totally deserves to win by DA standards
kohlsen's avatar
very funny mr. I´m paranoid. ;) ------- -
NatanThe6th's avatar
this 1 should be the winning 1
Mateteag's avatar
The spacecraft has the aesthetics of Eve, really!
wow exelent mestre salve jeje very good
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