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My Bio
-Marimbist, pianist
-Poker player
-General Nerd and Dork (social definition of "Dork", not the literal one you find in the dictionary)
-Casual DND player

Not much to know here. Just another drop in the ocean. Maybe I'll make a wave, maybe I'll be part of one, maybe I'll rest at the bottom of the sea. We'll find out in the years to come.

As a side note, people who add my deviations and aren't after pageviews will get my gratitude. The rest of the people who are doing that are quite rude, making me think that my pictures are getting noticed. For shame.

Current Residence: Georgia, USA
Favourite genre of music: Most anything, except rap and hiphop.
Operating System: Windows 7
Skin of choice: White
Favourite cartoon character: The Animaniacs and Courage the Cowardly Dog

Favourite Movies
My top three would be Airplane!, Clue, and Blazing Saddles. I couldn't chose from the three.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Apocalyptica, Explosions in the Sky
Favourite Games
TeeWorlds, Advanced Wars, and Age of Empires II
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS (Lite)
Other Interests
Music (marimba/piano), photography (obviously), and other little things like crosswords.


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Now that Project 365 is over, I'm pretty much taking a break taking pictures for the most part. School and work were getting in the way anyway. I'll still be posting on that same blog occasionally, and now that summer's here it might be a bit more frequently. I don't think I'll be adding much else to deviantart to be honest, and the last batch of photos to upload was done via Flickr - - since there were 130 of them to be uploaded. So I might jump back on here occasionally, but done expect much out of this account for awhile. ( as if anybody noticed anyway :P )
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TONS AND TONS OF PHOTOGRAPHS I went from 4 dA messages to 37 by the time I finished. 72 pictures. I hadn't submitted any since early last July, and from my guess, it took me about an hour of constant work to do them all. So this is a somewhat "I'm sorry" to the people who just had their messages flooded, but hey! I had to get them up some time. And if you still want to read the 'has-been-exciting-once-or-twice' life of myself and my fun struggle to keep up with Project 365, you can go here! Now, to thank all the people that just favorited/commented...
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Project 365

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So if you've never heard of Project 365, it's where you take a single picture every day for an entire year. They can be just about anything. Since I'm currently in college, some of them will be odd or (hopefully) a bit wacky, some will be decent pictures, some of the scenery (read: the endless construction), etc. I'd put them up on deviantart, but this is where I feel like I put all my best works. Like, I feel like I probably wouldn't put up tons of pictures that I took in passing (since you see some strange things in college). If you're interested (doubtful), it can be found right here: Enjoy!
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I see you visiting my page, just thought I'd pop by and say hi. :wave: It's nice to see that you're still here, even if you are lurking. :P
Oh hey! Yeah, I suddenly logged on a couple days ago, kinda poked around. I forgot all about my account until someone linked me to the site again. Maybe in a few years (after graduation) I'll have a decent enough camera to take some more we'll see! :D
It's nice to see you showing some interest in your hobby again, photography is so addicting. Heheh.
Ooh a new camera hmm? I bet that will be snazzy! :D
I thought I was watching you, apparently I wasn't. Problem fixed! :la: XD
You're welcome! I really like your photos! You have such a unique and fun perspective. :D
Thanks for your comment on my "Caribbean pic"