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Japanese Pink Car Again by FunSmilies Japanese Pink Car Again :iconfunsmilies:FunSmilies 2 0 Japanese Pink Car by FunSmilies Japanese Pink Car :iconfunsmilies:FunSmilies 2 6 Funny Japanese Park Sign by FunSmilies Funny Japanese Park Sign :iconfunsmilies:FunSmilies 3 9
For impossible to love you
~ Ceaslia's point of view ~ italics are her thoughts
At the meeting room for the Headmaster and the school's Guardians:
"Male defender, Roland, present." *bows*
As blunt as ever…  He is a childhood friend of mine…  Is also like a big brother to me. *smiles*
"Female defender, Ceaslia, here, ma'am."  *bows and sits at my seat*
Why am I here… I want to study for those damn four tests that are coming up and sleep!!!!! *mentally cries*
"King, Lyon, HERE!!!"  * Waving his arms back and forth*
Why is he so loud and annoying! Grr!  *0V0*
"Queen, Rosalina, is here, madam"  *curtsy*
She is super polite… Why do I feel that she is copying me at some things?
"Prince, Ceo is at your service." *bows westerner style and kisses Headmaster hand*
Why is he always trying to act like a real prince?! Weird..
"Princess, Persila, is here, madam" *curtsy and looks at me strangely
:iconfunsmilies:FunSmilies 0 0
For Savannahs Story But My Characters Side Of It
For Savannah's Story, but my character's side and own story
~~Aki's POV~~
"Aki Phan, please rise." spoke the old man.
"Yes, sir." I stand up straight as I flipped over the last guy.
"You have pass the final exam of defeating 1 thousand Dragon Soldiers less than 24 hours. You have defeated them in 10 hours." spoke the same old man.
"Really? That was a thousand of your best Dragon Soldiers?!" I spoke in shock.
"You really went easy on them… Huh, Sis?" spoke my younger brother Toby, a full Dragon God child or what you would call a Dragonling.
"Aki!" the old man spoke again.
"Yes, sir!"
"You, really went easy on these guys? Oh, dear… Child you need a break." the old man sigh.
"Why! I may have completed every test and mastered all forms of martial arts, but" I spoke in shock, but was cut off.
"You work too much! You are my only granddaughter, but every one thinks you are a guy! Why! Why! You used to be so cute!! Why!!! *crys*"  The old man, who is my Grand Father, starte
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Hi = D by FunSmilies Hi = D :iconfunsmilies:FunSmilies 0 0


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FunSmilies's Profile Picture
Michelle Ph
United States
I am FunSmilies, but you must have known that already...

I move around every three years or less, because my family is in the military. So, I have been moving since I was born and its no lie!!!

The places I have been to in order:
1. Rhode Island (I was born there, so less then a year)
2. Texas (Just for a few months, less then a year)
3. Illinois (Just a few months. less then a year)
4. Yokota AFB, Japan (3 yrs)
5. Connecticut (a year)
6. Los Angeles, CA (3yrs)
7. Connceticut again... (a few months)
8. Rhode Isand again... (a few months)
9. Hahira, GA (3 yrs)
10. Okinawa, Japan (3 yrs)
11. Hawaii (few weeks)
12. Las Vegas, Nevada (currently)

Ok... There are other places I visited but I am not putting those down, theres too much!!!

Ok! Now about me~
Um..... What should I say? *sweat drop* I know!

*******~~~~~~******~~~~~~****** Hi =D ******~~~~~~******~~~~~~****** Hi =D

I am a girl!!!
Not a boy or whatever! I am a GIRL!!!
Just to make that clear, because I often am mistaken for a boy.... *cries*

I am 5'4 and have black shoulder length hair

I am an outgoing, naive, smart, nice, serious, doesn't say cuss words, very blunt with my words, and a quiet person. I don't like to talk unless when I have to...
But my friends (from other places) have told me I am very talkive when I dissus about my stories and that when I am mad I am like a mom... I have no comment to that

The things I say the most:
"I am bored!!!"
"I am hungry"
"I am tired..."
"What do you want/need?"
"Um... Are you ok?"
"I have no comments to that." or "No comment."
"Just so ya know."

I am friendly to everyone, even those I don't like. So, I treat everyone the same. It doesn't matter what gender, nationallity, style, or whatever. Everyone is human and thats all what matters =D

Just for you to know I am not Goth or Emo. I just wear alot of black, but not all the time. I wear other colors too just so you know.

I like hats, shirts, pants, hoodies, my laptop, playing games, and mom's cooking =D!!!!

I don't like dresses, skirts, backstabers (I was used... ), two faced people (I have some as friends in Okinawa) and spoiled bratz (as in people)!!!

I am often told I look young for my age....

I am grumpy and quiet when I am hungry.... What? My tummy hurts and I don't like it!

I have a pet hamster. She is a Russian Dwarf and is an Albino!!!

I am tired now!!!
So see ya! and have a good day =D

Help Grow My Dragons~…
Just came back home.
Nothing is better than sleeping in your own bed! Panda Emoji-08 (I love mah bed) [V1] 
I so want to sleep like this little guy above...

All week my family went on a road trip, it was fun yet tiring XD
We went to Reno and LEGOLAND. =D
Since I am very prone to carsickness, the trip was unsettling for my stomach. But the trip itself was fun none the less =D
I haven't been able to use the internet while I was away, but I keep myself entertained with a special book my mom gave to me as a gift.
The book is The Greatest Adventures of Sherlock Homes
It was a fun an interesting read and I was quite often surprised by Sherlock Homes

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break =D
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: The Greatest Adventures of Sherlock Homes.
  • Watching: My laptop screen
  • Playing: A Story inside my head
  • Eating: Porridge =D
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale =D

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