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my little... caterpillar?

made with DG fakie babies, apoxy clay and acrylics

...and lots of patience
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With the right adjustments you could make it into a MLP comb. Still not sure where to put it on the cute to creepy scale. 
Swampqueen's avatar
XD Oh my gosh! I remember seeing this on MLPA. It cracks me up so much.
WolfZant's avatar
That's awesome!
...If a little creepy.
truevampiress's avatar
OMG lol that is sooo cute xD
Bast-Incarnation's avatar
lmao thats adorable...... but I cant help thinking this is somewhat like the Human Centipede..... >_>
ZarineBashire's avatar
great job, it looks quite seamless.
babbletrish's avatar
This might just be the funniest custom Pony idea since My Little Xenomorph. Excellent work!
Tralamander's avatar
Wow!! Damn, that is clever! I love the colourscheme too. :D
funshinebear's avatar
thanks :) i just love bold colours
Tralamander's avatar
Welcome, and same here! <3
Starrby's avatar
This is hilarious and adorable. I love it! ^_^
Malinahen's avatar
How did you do that? cut up some other ponies and stik their legs on or did you make the legs?
Malinahen's avatar
Ah! Nicely done, can tell it was done that way.
funshinebear's avatar
i just stuck three baby ponies together (without the heads XD ) and smoothened the seams with clay
wylf's avatar
Yeah! Woah!!! :lmao: Very unique!!!
Solkatt's avatar
just a big WOW :omg:
elara-ia's avatar
dude! I wish I wasn't poor T_T It looks totally awesome!!
LittleMs-Strange's avatar
this is sooo awesome i can't even stand it !

LarraChersan's avatar
Great idea! She's really something special! Very cute caterpillar! :D
funshinebear's avatar
thanks. i'm really happy she's finished. i started on her in januari...
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