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By funshark
illustration for a (died) video game
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© 2004 - 2021 funshark
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Its like arcanum.... but more awesome. *sighs*
saugox's avatar
Wow this is just awesome.... damn... :thumbsup: It's supercool all the way through. I really need to do more drawing. Perhaps the whitish pattern on the outside of his cloak, the part dragging on the ground, is a little bright.... but it's close to flawless. Congrats to the DD btw, take care, and keep up quality creating
TheShadowMachinery's avatar
Well...this is just VERY cool.
makofreckles's avatar
oh, zeppelins, i love them! it is very well composed and good colours too. must.. add... my favs.. if i may? :)
Perotsu's avatar
reminds me an episode of FMA when edo comes to the world without alchemy :D
awesome coloring indeed
funshark's avatar
ah? i dont know enough fma... =3=''

thx o/
soltian's avatar
Damn that's awesome. There's so much story and character in his face. I love the lighting and the utter detail in the background and his design. So truly impressive..
call-me-Hk's avatar
Too bas for the game, anyway thats a very cool picture,
the black light render is mastered and the color set is sweet.
you r definitly very good in coloring, and specialy in BG.

BluntieDK's avatar
I really the outfit of that guy. Beautiful work. :)
Th3w-san's avatar
Awesome clouds, and oh man is that steam AMAZING!! Smoke and steam is so hard to do...
I like the guy's expression, too. :)
AquaSixio's avatar
J'aime bien la profondeur
yoi's avatar
This has some kind of odd feeling in it, and I can't run away from that. Besides, I lost all my words right now, so I must prove my love by +faving this. Wonderful job, just wonderful.
titta's avatar
Really impressive coloring, the sky and the background especially. Also the folds on his jacket look pretty damn good if I might say. Great job!!
2493's avatar
REaLLY great! i love the mood and the detail of the clouds
unabridged's avatar
excellent job!
i really like the whole balance of the composition...the only thing that bugs me is that the sky color tends to stick out due to it's lighting not falling anywhere else.....but besides that i really like what you've done here, great stuff
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