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which character do you love the most on harvey street girls? and reason why? 

20 deviants said audrey
6 deviants said dot
5 deviants said lotta


Artist | Student | Other
i'm jonathan.
i'm a drawer and a spriter, but mostly a drawer, a roleplayer, a writer, also, the meme maker. and I'm really caring and love to make friends ❤

likes: friends, making friends, roleplaying, and everything. and the loud house.

dislikes: losing friends, people telling everyone that i'm a troll, people leaving, and people hurting me...

family tree.

husband -:iconfunnytime77:

sisters - :iconambertreasureblighia::icondtlraposa-fan-2003::iconalienoutsider::iconballoonchey:

brothers - :iconamazingsuper27::iconhijinxnetwork1996::iconmrloony96::icongreasy-lucarioyun::icon0640carlos::iconmrcarlos10000x::iconarchfiend-dux::icontrc-tooniversity::iconmegakyurem4188::icondragonus-prime::iconrabbidlover01::iconjjsponge120:

aunt - :iconkimiboo11:

uncle - :iconartist-srf:

friends - :icontssmgreengoblinfan::iconstarprincessdaisy64::iconeeriemancubus::iconedjack14::iconbacondood::iconkisekaemaniac:

Lola Pop Stamp by HoshiiNoMaki



well i knew that ViperDrillAtk was heartless. i just say hello to him on tumblr and then he just blocked me instently. he didn't say hello or anything he just hates me a lot. i just wanna talk to him and say that i'm sorry but he's just being a jerk to me now. he's now a heartless. sorry for saying that but he just blocks me a lot when ever i talk to him or try to say sorry to him. =( i just want him to forgive me but no he just blocks me like he doesn't care. sorry that i say that. =( but i just can't take ViperDrillAtk anymore now. he became a heartless that keeps blocking people who wants to talk to or something. so sorry for what i said. so i'll delete it if you want.… for those who haven't watch it then go check it out here or on netflix. =D
man ViperDrillAtk is still haunting me a lot. and it still haunts TRC-Tooniversity as well cause i think ViperDrillAtk is still heartless. and i'm sorry. i just don't know what to do and he's sill blocked me and won't unblock me but i'm sorry that i can't help it. when ever i see and hear ViperDrillAtk or see his OC it haunts me a lot. and what i saw his statues post i was shocked that he now doesn't care about humanity and watch the whole world end that he wants the whole world burn! =( and that really shocked me of how heartless he is of what he did to my friend. cause i can't stand it. cause the past still haunts me forever and ever because of him that he's still angry at me and if he sees me or hear me he'll snap and he might want me to die or he might pull out a gun at me or something and that will shock me that he might kill me and want me out of deviantart. =( and i'm sorry i know it's mean to talk about him and i'm sorry for what i said but what am i doing? what humanity is it? cause i can't stand of ViperDrillAtk for why he blocked me cause i was trying to say sorry to him that i want him to forgive me but he still hates me forever and he might hate my family and friends forever as well and might want us to leave forever so that he can watch everything burn.
what is ViperDrillAtk thinking by funnytime77
=( besides ViperDrillAtk is like- *sigh* look i'm having a little mental break down cause i can't stand it. when ever i hear or see ViperDrillAtk or his OCs i'm gonna freak out rather he forgives me or say sorry to me or he leaves forever for what he did to us. but i'm sorry. i hope you forgive me for what i'm going through about the past how it's still haunts me for life when ever i sleep. or when ever i hear ViperDrillAtk cause i don't want my friends to leave cause they are important to us and it's about everyone. so let's just talk to ViperDrillAtk and tell him that i wanted him to forgive me and unblock me and he'll say sorry. or something might bad will happen. so i'm sorry for what i said i just have to let that anger out of me. =( cause of ViperDrillAtk when ever i see or hear ViperDrillAtk and i hope you guys can still understand me.
anyone care to roleplay of the loud house and harvey street kids? =D
so did anyone enjoy incredibles 2? spoilers ahead. did anyone saw the incredibles?
sorry for being too lazy. ^^; i haven't got to the ask things and others and other adoptables i was just roleplaying with friends and finding something good and i felt really lazy but sorry about the hiatus thing. ^^;
limpo gets really sad and heartbroken after they're friends left by police and now limpo felt really sad and now packed his things as the loud siblings get into a big fight of what happen and now limpo leaves a note where he leaves the loud house and royal woods forever and never come back and never forgive them forever that limpo would rather run away and never live there ever. as the loud family reads of how limpo wrote that he'll never come back ever since what happen they felt really terrible about what they did and now felt sad. so now they put signs and trying to find limpo as they call they're family and friends as they all trying to find him but now they can't find him that he's no where to be found and felt really sad and feel bad and heart broken that they might not see limpo ever again... so if limpo runs away forever that he's now lost forever would you find him and convince him?

big roleplay there. Sweating a little... for 0640carlos Mrcarlos10000x TRC-Tooniversity LeeGriffin0 Nightmario Mushy-Sugar-Chan JuacoProductionsArts BlossomBright rabbidlover01 

also if anyone want to join this big roleplay then ok. =) (Smile)
Limpo Loud by funnytime77limpo: hi guys! =D since i'm kinda a little bored so wanna roleplay with me? =D or with me and chubby marco?  Fat Karate Boy by rabbidlover01
best battle that i like. =D

where chocho has her first time to inflate. =D like a balloon and she's cute. =D also shinki is bad ass and cool that it talks about how he was adopted. and gaara raised him! =D
best battle of my life. =D and boruto likes them as also. =)
roleplay time!
anyone up for a roleplay?
danger danger! warning!

care to roleplay of your OCs against darin the demon dealer?  Darin The Demon Dealer by funnytime77

so if he wins he'll change your look or something or anything that it's going to be a curse forever rather you like it or not but it's ok if you don't like that oh well i understand so it's ok but if you like it and love it then ok. =) so it's the ideas for they're new looks or new things or new ideas or something like that.

but if you win then darin the demon dealer will do something for you as long if it's not weird. and reward you with something like revive someone you loved the most or a new friend or anything. =)

let's begin. =D
man i always remember those PC games when i was a child.

dear disney.Lola Smile 

if your hearing this we all got a message for you. 


that's all for now. =)

PS i like the wuzzles cause hoppo is my favorite. and don't mock me ok? bye. =) Loud House - Lola just smile and wave… i miss her since her mom just kicked her off the internet forever. =( also i'm going to upload her artwork now that she's gone the memory of her best work
rest in peace YangaRubyWeissaBlake... we will always remember you forever... she deactivated her account cause she was too sad...



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

that little at named Evil-Flippy303 just stole my artwork. the one that has lottie. he stole my artwork! someone report him for stealing my artwork.

this is my artwork.  Lottie Loud by funnytime77

and this guy stole my artwork.  Lottie Loud by Evil-Flippy303

that art thief is gonna pay. report Evil-Flippy303 for stealing.
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Hello, everybody.
Thanks for coming.
I am the Lorax.
I speak for the trees.
And I'd like to say
a few words, if you please.
Regarding the story
that you're about to see
it actually happened.
Just take it from me.
But there's more to this story
than what's on the page,
so please pay attention
while I set the stage.
We open in Thneedville, a city
they say that was plastic and fake,
and they liked it that way!
A town without nature,
not one living tree.
So, what happened to them?
Cue the music! Let's see.
Buzz. Buzz.
In Thneedville,
it's a brand new dawn
With brand new cars
and houses and lawns
Here in
In Thneedville,
we manufacture our trees
Each one is made
in factories
And uses 96 batteries
In Thneedville,
the air's not so clean
So we buy it fresh
It comes out this machine!
In Satisfaction's-
In Thneedville,
we don't want to know
Where the smog and trash
and chemicals go
I just went swimming,
and now I glow
In Thneedville,
we have fun year round
We surf and snowboard
right in town
We thank the Lord
for all we've got
Including this
brand new parking lot!
Parking lot!
Oh, look,
it's Aloysius O'Hare
Aloysius O'Hare
The man who found
a way to sell air
And became a zillionaire
In Thneedville,
we love living this way
It's like living in paradise
It's perfect!
And that's how it will stay
Oh, yeah!
Here in
We love it here in...
Oh, hi, Ted.
Oh, hey, Audrey. Hi.
Did your ball land
in my backyard again?
What? No.
A model airplane,
this time.
Hey, do you want to
see something cool?
Come on.
Did you...
Did you paint this?
Do you like it?
Are you kidding?
This is amazing!
What are those?
Those are trees.
Real ones.
They used to grow
all around here.
And people said that
the touch of their tufts
was softer than
anything, even silk.
And they smelled
like butterfly milk!
Wow! What does
that even mean?
I know, right?
Oh, yeah.
What I want more than anything
in the whole world is to see
a real living tree
growing in my backyard.
So if, say... I'm just
thinking out loud here.
If a guy somehow
got you one...
I'd probably
marry him on the spot.
I bet that sounds crazy.
Does that sound crazy?
No! Not crazy.
Not crazy at all.
Ted, honey,
don't play with your food.
You, either, Mom.
So, Mom, do you happen to
know if there's any place
where I could
get a real tree?
Ted, we already have a
tree. It's the latest model.
Yeah, but I mean
a real one
that grows out of
the ground or whatever.
You know, a real tree.
You would rather
have some dirty, messy
lump of wood that just
sticks out of the ground?
And it does what? I don't
even know what it does.
What's its purpose?
Look at what we've got.
It's the Oak-amatic. The
only tree with its own remote.
Summer, autumn, winter,
and disco!
Mom? Come on, Ted. Get into it.
Dance with the tree.
Oh, it hurts, Mom.
Please stop.
So, anyway...
Let's just say
I need a tree.
Where would I go?
What do I do?
Then you know what? You
need to find the Once-ler.
The what?
Mom, it's not really the time for
one of your magical fables, okay?
That's right, I forgot.
I'm old and can't even
remember to put my teeth in.
Stand down.
That's not what I meant.
No, really,
I forgot my teeth.
Would you be a dear
and go get them for me?
Sure, Mom.
Okay, here's the deal.
The Once-ler is the man who
knows what happened to the trees.
You want one,
you need to find him.
The Once-ler?
Okay. Grammy,
is this a real thing
that we're talking
about now?
Oh, he's real all right.
Well, where
can I find him?
Far outside of town
where the grass never grows
and the wind smells slow
and sour when it blows.
And no birds ever sing,
excepting old crows.
Quit doing that.
That's the place
where the Once-ler lives.
Wait, outside of town?
People used to say
if you brought him 15 cents,
a nail
and the shell of a great,
great, great grandfather snail,
he would tell you everything.
Mr. O'Hare,
what we've got for you
is something that is
going to take O'Hare Air
to the next level.
Now, Mr. O'Hare,
I know what you're thinking.
One, " I've gotten rich
selling people air that's
"fresher than
the stinky stuff outside. "
Two, and here is
the important one,
"How can I possibly make
even more money?"
We can tell you, sir!
We can tell you.
Check out this
commercial, huh?
Well, here goes
another lame Saturday.
Dude, I don't think so!
Oh, yeah!
O'Hare purified air.
Freshness to go.
Please breathe responsibly.
Oh, my goodness. Yeah!
Love it.
You got to be kidding me.
You really think people are
stupid enough to buy this?
Our research shows that if you
put something in a plastic bottle,
people will buy it.
Exactly. And...
And what's more, when
we build a new factory
to make
the plastic bottles,
the air quality is
just going to get worse.
Which will make people
want our air even more,
and drive sales where?
Through the roof!
So, in other words,
the more smog in the sky,
The more people will buy.
See, that's why he's the
genius! It even rhymes!
I'm aware it rhymes.
Coats. Big.
What do you two
knuckleheads want?
I'm in the middle
of a meeting!
Why is he leaving town?
No one ever leaves town!
See what he's up to.
Whoa! Whoa.
Oh, man.
All right.
What the...
Who are you?
Who are you and what
are you doing here?
I'm Ted. I'm Ted.
I can't breathe.
Are you the Once-ler?
Oh, man.
Didn't you read the signs?
No one is
supposed to come here.
Get out of here
and leave me alone!
And don't let the boot
hit you on the way out.
The boot?
Listen! People say that if
someone brings you this stuff
that you will tell
them about trees.
No, no, no!
Yeah, real ones.
You know,
that grow out of the ground?
Sorry, it's just...
Well, I didn't think anyone
still cared about trees.
Well, that's me. The guy
who still cares. I'm here.
Hey! What?
Do you want to
know about trees?
About what happened
to them?
Why they're all gone?
It's because of me.
Wait, what?
It's because of me!
And my invention,
the Thneed.
It was an amazing product that
could do the job of a thousand.
All right.
Sounds ridiculous,
but I mean, that's cool.
You're darn right
it was cool!
It all started
a long time ago.
Can we start not
so long ago, maybe?
Do you want a tree?
Yes, yes.
Then it all started
a long, long time ago.
I was a young man
leaving home.
Well, here I go, Mom. Off to
change the world with my Thneed.
I'm actually doing it!
Yes, but just
remember, Oncie,
if somehow your invention
ends up a failure
instead of a success,
oh, it wouldn't
surprise me at all!
Nice wheels.
Yeah, "Burn!"
But you will see, okay? I'm
going to prove you all wrong.
Come on, Melvin!
So, there I was
at the very bottom.
With nothing
but a wagon, a mule,
and a completely irrational
sense of optimism.
I was searching the globe,
obsessed with finding the
perfect material for my Thneed.
But I'd had
absolutely no success.
Until one day,
I found paradise.
We're going to be
there soon, I'm sure.
This is the most
beautiful place,
okay, I have ever seen.
This is it
This is the place
These Truffula trees
are just what I need
Gonna chop one down
and make my Thneed
But first...
Now you!
That's great!
So now our
friendship can begin
Hand in hand,
and wing and fin
There's nothing
you and I can't do
So let's all make
my dreams come true
Hey, guys!
Come on, where is my back-up chorus?
Ah-ha! Oh.
Hey, hey, wait.
Wait a minute.
Excuse me?
Yeah, that's awesome.
Feeding junk food to forest
animals? That's great.
But, uh, is there
a musical number
where you show me
how to get a tree?
Because I would
love to hear that one.
Oh, yes. Right after the
musical number about the kid
who kept
interrupting the story,
and was never
heard from again.
Right, got it. Proceed.
All right, here we go.
About to make a Thneed,
about to change the world.
Check it out, guys...
Where did everybody go?
Little did I know that
by chopping down that tree
I had just summoned a mystical
creature as old as time itself.
The legendary,
slightly annoying
guardian of the forest.
The Lorax.
Did you
chop down this tree?
Uh... No.
Who did it?
What's that?
I think he did it.
Vacate the premises!
Take your ax
and get out!
And who are you?
I'm the Lorax!
Guardian of the forest.
I speak for the trees.
So you're telling me,
you just didn't see me
magically appear
out of that stump?
With all the lightning
and thunder and stuff.
You didn't see
any of that?
No, but that sounds amazing.
Can I see some of that?
Uh, yeah, I could show you.
But that's not how it works.
Okay. Um...
Didn't really happen.
Oh, I know what you want!
I've got one of these for the
cutest little guy I ever saw!
Yummy, yummy,
yummy, yummy, yummy...
How dare you!
Give me that!
I'm going to eat this,
but I am highly
offended by it.
What are you... Hey,
Mustache! Will you stop that?
What's your deal, man?
Time for you to go,
Beanpole! Pull them right out.
Just going to put them right
back in. We can do this all day.
Stop right there! Stop it!
So you would hammer one of
nature's innocent creatures?
What? No!
I would never hit this little
guy. You, on the other hand,
I would
gladly pound you
and your mustache
into the ground!
Behold! The intruder
and his violent ways.
Shame on you.
For shame!
All right, you know what? That's it!
You listen to me,
you furry meatloaf.
I'm going to chop down as
many trees as I need. Okay?
Not going anywhere!
End of story.
Then you
leave me no choice.
If you're not gone by the time
the sun sets on this valley,
all the forces of nature
will be unleashed upon you
and curse you until
the end of your days!
You have been warned.
Yeah, okay.
You have been warned.
But I didn't listen
to his warning.
And you won't believe
what happened that night.
If you want to hear more,
come back tomorrow.
Hey, wait, wait! Tomorrow?
Are you serious right now?
Ah! You live in
the middle of nowhere!
It stinks out here.
Don't make me come back!
I guess you don't really want
to hear the rest of the story.
No, no.
I do. I really do. I want
to hear the story. I just...
Nah! You don't have
what it takes. Goodbye.
Wait, wait!
I have what it takes.
It's all right. It's
okay, I'll come back.
It's no problem.
See, here I am, leaving.
Walking away now.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Maybe. Just maybe.
What did you
wish for, Audrey?
Well, I would
love to tell you,
but, sadly, according to the
universal wish laws, I cannot.
I know
what she wished for.
Was it, perhaps...
Ted, you didn't.
Oh, no. I totally did.
Happy birthday, Audrey.
Kiss him! Kiss him!
Ted. Tedster.
You're kissing the
cereal again, hon. What?
I just...
I like this cereal.
What one is this?
Well, I'll make sure to
buy extra next time for you.
All right, cool. Hey, I got
to run. I got to go do a thing.
So, I'll see you guys.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You're not going
anywhere, young man.
It's Sunday.
You know what that means?
Family time, and we're
all playing board games!
Oh, man.
Mom, seriously,
every turn?
Hey, back off!
Okay! Family time is over.
It is now personal time.
I'll be in my room.
Okay, dear. Have fun.
I knew
I could break her.
Go see him!
Oh, yeah!
You rule!
Thank you, Grammy.
Hey! Ted, right?
Um, Mr. O'Hare?
So, I hear you have
become interested in trees.
What's that all about?
Oh. Um...
Where did you hear that?
Teddy, there's not much
that goes on in Thneedville
that I don't know about.
Here's the deal, I make a living
selling fresh air to people.
They make it for free.
So, when I hear
people talking about them,
I consider it kind of
a threat to my business.
I don't even know
what you're talking about.
You listen to me, boy.
Don't go poking around in
things you don't understand
or I'll be your
worst nightmare.
I'm Frankenstein's head
on a spider's body!
Yeah, um...
Okay, my mom is expecting
me. So, I'm just going to...
Of course, of course. Now, go
back to your family game time.
Grandma just
finished her turn.
How did you know?
Please. I have
eyes everywhere.
You got a beautiful
town here, Ted.
Lots of fun stuff to occupy
your short attention span.
Why, I can't
think of any reason
you would ever want to
go outside of town again.
Okay! Good talk.
Really good talk.
Oh, no.
Look out!
Hey, man? You know, you need
to change that door bell.
Oh, you missed me.
You're already back. Clearly,
you missed me a little. Right?
No, I didn't. I'm just here
to hear the end of the story.
Why are you so interested
in trees anyway?
Why aren't you
like other kids,
break dancing and
wearing bell-bottoms,
and playing
the Donkey Kongs?
Yeah, right, right.
I don't know.
Uh, I just thought it would be
kind of cool to have one, you know?
It's a girl, isn't it?
What? No!
Really? Because when a guy
does something stupid once,
well, that's because
he's a guy.
But if he does
the same stupid thing twice,
it's usually to
impress some girl.
Hey, she is not some girl!
She's a woman,
in high school.
And she loves trees.
And I'm going to get her one.
How nice to see someone so
undeterred by things like reality.
Thank you.
All right,
but where did we leave off?
Now that's a Thneed.
Nothing unmanly
about knitting. No, sir.
Look at that...
Who taught you guys
how to steal a bed?
Okay, nice and easy.
Nice work, you guys. Couldn't
have done it without you.
You got to be kidding me.
Can he swim?
Of course he can't swim!
Hang on, Pipsqueak!
I'm coming to get you!
Hey, you fishies!
Stop that bed!
Whoo! Whoo!
Jump, jump!
Come on, get up there.
Come on.
Go, go! A little bit
more! A little bit more!
Now what?
Get up there.
Okay, Pipsqueak,
give me your hand.
Come on,
reach out for the Lorax.
Where did you go?
Oh, that's bad.
Hey, Beanpole, wake up!
What's happening?
Where am I?
Hey! We got trouble,
and it's coming up fast!
We're in a river!
Oh, no.
Just do something!
Help is on the way!
No, no!
Just a minute!
Oh, no!
Wake up! Wake up!
I was heading
into the light,
and you pulled me
right back and here I am!
You saved my life!
Yeah, I know. Well, no,
it's not that big a deal.
It is a big deal!
Look, I almost went over
that waterfall! Wait...
On my bed. How did my
bed get in the river?
Uh... About that...
Actually... I put your bed in the water.
I didn't
mean you any harm.
I just wanted to
calmly float you away.
Look, everyone here
needs the trees
and you're
chopping them down!
So, we've got
a big problem.
All right, look.
I hereby swear that I will
never chop down another tree.
I promise.
Thank you. But I'm going
to keep my eye on you.
Good. Now, I've got
a big day tomorrow
so I'm going to
get some sleep.
Right after
I find my bed.
Okay, what are you...
Question, what are
they doing here?
And follow up, if I may,
what are you doing here?
Well, after
the incident last night,
we found one of your socks
and came here to return it.
But when we got here,
you were asleep. What?
Exactly. And sleeping
is the body's way
of telling
other people to go away.
I know,
but you looked so cozy.
And it was cold outside, and we
just fell asleep. No harm done.
"No harm done"?
"No harm done"? Okay.
Okay, I put my lips on those.
Well, I used to, anyway.
Did you just...
In my bowl!
Why do you have
one of these?
You don't even
have a mustache.
Okay, that's it!
What? I thought
we made a deal last night.
Yes, we did.
And I said I wouldn't
chop down any more trees.
And I said I was going
to keep an eye on you.
I'm starving.
What's for breakfast?
Breakfast is overrated.
You know what?
I got work to do. Yeah.
I got to go into town
and sell my Thneed.
You chopped down
one of my trees
to make that
piece of garbage?
Look at that...
"Garbage"? Oh, no.
Oh, no! You do not get it.
This is
a revolutionary product
that will change
the world as we know it.
It has a million uses!
Look at this.
It's a swimsuit!
Mud tracked all over your
floor by uninvited guests?
Well, the Thneed sure
comes in handy for that!
But wait, there's more!
Thanks to its
all-natural microfibers,
the Thneed is
It also works as a hat.
Of course, you probably
want to wring it out first.
Go ahead,
knock yourself out.
But nobody is going
to buy that thing.
Good to know.
Well, fortunately, you are
not the target market, weirdo.
You're bringing a guitar?
Oh, yeah.
I got a little jingle.
I'm gonna blow some minds,
gonna sell some Thneeds!
needs a Thneed
A fine thing
that all people...
Sit down, go on.
Unfortunately, I didn't
sell it the first day.
The Thneed is good
The Thneed is great...
Or the second day.
Or the third,
or fourth, or fifth day.
Okay, that one
hit the tender spot.
Until finally...
That's it!
You know what?
I'm done with this thing.
My family was right.
I quit!
Hey. Cool hat.
Oh, my gosh!
I totally want one.
That thing makes me
like you more.
Hey! Where's your Thneed,
did you sell it?
Hey. No, no.
Didn't sell it.
Turns out, it's ahead
of its time, I guess.
Hey, you gave it your best shot.
Right? What more can you do?
Come on, take a seat,
we'll deal you in.
What are we playing?
I'm playing poker. He's playing
Go Fish. And I think he's hungry.
Pancake, the pancake
Who is up for ninths?
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
All right, pass them over.
Yeah, see?
What's going on?
Oh, no.
That's a lot of people.
needs a Thneed
A fine thing
that all people need
The Thneed is good
The Thneed is great
Let's hope we're not too late
It's a super trendy hat
It's a tightrope
for an acrobat
A net for
catching butterflies
A thing we use for exercise
Everybody needs a Thneed
A fine thing
that all people need
Everybody needs a Thneed
Oh, yeah!
We're in business, baby!
We need a Thneed
Mom? Hey, it's me! I told you
I was going to be a success!
You need to bring the
whole family here right now.
We're going to be rich!
What? I'm going to need all
the help I can get. Don't worry.
So, has he told you
how to get a tree yet?
Actually, no.
But I think he's going to
get to that part really soon.
Here we are.
I'll just be a minute.
Oh, wow. Hey, Audrey!
Oh, hi, Ted! What's up?
You know me, just cruising.
Putting out the vibe.
Just me and my thoughts.
Oh, is this the girl
you're always talking about?
Stop making things up.
She's even prettier than...
Okay, got to run! Bye.
Okay, Grammy,
let's get you home!
I'm so sorry. So sorry.
Did not wanna see that.
Hey, I'm back.
What have you got there?
Thank you, Ted.
Now, picture this.
Sun shining,
a blue sky, a perfect day.
It was all downhill
from there.
What a dump.
Hey, Aunt Grizelda!
Hey, Chet,
check this out!
Go long!
No, Brett,
that's actually not a...
Go long! Go long!
I got it! I got it!
Got it!
He totally ran
into that tree!
Oncie, is that you?
There he is! There's my
big, suddenly successful son!
We always knew you would
make it, Oncie. Right?
Hey! I love this guy!
But you always said I wouldn't
amount to anything, remember?
Hush your mouth. I was
just trying to motivate you!
I am really glad
that you clarified that
because it actually hurt my
feelings for a really long time.
Anyway, you're all here, you
all work for me, and that's cool.
So, let's get to work.
Brett, Chet,
set up the RV!
Would you stop
throwing that bear?
Time out. Back up. Stop. Don't move
an inch. Nobody's moving in here.
You got to go. Goodbye.
So, who invited
the giant, furry peanut?
You calling me
a peanut, huh?
I'll go right up
your nose!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
You wouldn't
hit a woman.
That's a woman?
Everyone, cool it.
Let's not get off
on the wrong foot here.
Um, family, this is my
friend... Acquaintance.
Yeah, acquaintance. Very
good acquaintance, the Lorax.
He speaks for the trees.
That's right.
And on behalf
of the trees, get out!
Will you just be nice!
This is my family.
And I'm going to
need their help
if my company is
going to get bigger. Okay?
Yeah, this isn't some
rinky-dink operation anymore.
I got plans. Big plans!
A vision of a world filled with
Thneeds. It's going to be huge!
Which way
does a tree fall?
Uh, down?
A tree falls
the way it leans.
Be careful
which way you lean.
I mean, look at this.
It's amazing.
I am so proud of me.
Oncie, we've got us
a little problem.
See, we're not making
Thneeds fast enough.
Harvesting the tufts
takes too long!
Well, what else can we do?
Well, and this
just came to me,
we could always start
chopping down the trees.
Now you're thinking.
That would speed things up!
No "but" s, Oncie.
You're running
a business now.
You have to do what's
best for the company,
and your momma.
Well, I guess it couldn't
hurt to chop down a few trees.
You've made me so
proud, Oncie. Come here!
Hey! I love this guy!
No! No, no, no!
Stop it! Please, stop.
Take that, you stupid tree!
Where do you
think you're going?
Excuse me, sir. I need
to talk with your boss.
Oh, I'm sorry,
but Mr. Once-ler's
not seeing anyone right now.
Yeah, well,
he'll see me. So...
Hey, keep your
paws off me!
Give me a reason, Shorty.
Hey, you broke
your promise.
You're better than this.
You gotta stop!
This is bad!
Have a nice day!
I'm not bad, I'm the good guy
here. He just doesn't get it.
Do you think I'm bad?
Thank you!
I mean, something good
finally happens to me,
and he just has to come
along and rain on my parade.
What's his problem?
Yeah, bad! Right.
How bad can I be?
I'm just doin'
what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
I'm just following my destiny
How bad can I be?
I'm just doin'
what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
How bad can I possibly be?
Well, there's
a principle in nature
Principle in nature
That almost
every creature knows
Called survival of the fittest
Survival of the fittest
And check it,
this is how it goes
The animal that wins
gotta scratch and fight
And claw and bite and punch
And the animal that doesn't
Well, the animal that doesn't
Winds up someone else's
La-la-la-la lunch
Munch, munch, munch,
munch, munch I'm just sayin'
How bad can I be?
I'm just doin'
what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
I'm just following my destiny
How bad can I be?
I'm just doin'
what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
How bad can I possibly be?
There's a
principle in business
Principle in business
That everybody knows is sound
It says the people with the
money People with the money
Make this
ever-loving world go round
So I'm biggering my company
I'm biggering my factory
I'm biggering
my corporate sign
Bigger, bigger!
Everybody out there
You take care of yours
I'll take care of
Shake that bottom line
Let me hear you
say Smogulous Smoke!
Smogulous Smoke!
Complain all you want It's
never, ever, ever, ever gonna stop
Come on,
how bad can I possibly be?
How bad can I be?
I'm just building the economy
How bad can I be?
Just look at me
petting this puppy
How bad can I be?
A portion of proceeds
goes to charity
How bad can I be?
How bad could I possibly be?
Let's see!
All the customers are buying
And the money's multiplying
And the PR people are lying
And the lawyers are denying
Who cares if
a few trees are dying?
This is all so gratifying!
How bad?
How bad can this possibly be?
So, how are things?
What are you doing here?
Happy yet? You fill that
hole deep down inside you?
Or do you
still need more?
Look, if you've got a
problem with what I'm doing,
why haven't you used your
quote-unquote powers to stop me?
I told you,
that's not how it works.
Right, I forgot.
You're a fraud.
I need you
to get out. Now!
Why? Do I make
you uncomfortable?
Remind you of
the promises you made?
The man you used to be?
You know what?
You can just shut your
mustache. My conscience is clear.
I have done
nothing illegal.
I have my rights, and I
intend to keep on biggering
and biggering, and turning more
Truffula trees into Thneeds.
And nothing is
going to stop me!
Well, that's it.
The very last one.
That may stop you.
Somebody sure made
a bundle on that thing.
I wonder what the next million
dollar invention's going to be.
Yeah, I wonder...
Son, you have
let me down.
Brett, you are now
my favorite child.
Hey, look,
I don't want any trouble.
And you won't get any.
Not from them.
Thanks to you and your hacking,
and smogging and glupping,
they can't
live here anymore.
So, I'm sending them off.
they'll be able to find
a better place
out there somewhere.
Hey, Pipsqueak...
So, this is
really all your fault.
You destroyed everything.
And each day
since the Lorax left,
I've sat here regretting
everything I've done,
staring at that word,
and wondering
what it meant.
But now I'm thinking...
Well, maybe
you're the reason
the Lorax left
that word there.
Me? Why would he
leave that for me?
Because unless someone like
you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is
going to get better.
It's not.
The last Truffula seed.
You need to plant it, Ted.
Yeah, but, nobody cares
about trees anymore.
Then make them care.
Plant the seed in the middle
of town, where everyone can see.
Change the way things are.
I know it may seem
small and insignificant,
but it's not about
what it is,
it's about
what it can become.
That's not just a seed,
any more than
you're just a boy.
I won't let you down.
I know.
Hey, Audrey!
What are you doing?
Meet me at my house.
Wait, but...
My house, okay?
Got to plant the seed.
Okay, we're going
to need water.
And uh,
something to dig with.
Um, what do I have...
Mom, I'm busy, Mom.
Theodore Wiggins,
get down here right now,
and I am not
kidding with you!
Ted, I would like
you to meet Mr. O'Hare,
the most powerful
man in town.
There he is!
Hello, Ted.
Hi. Isn't he clever, Mr. O'Hare?
He knows his own name and everything.
You know what I would love
right now, Mrs. Wiggins?
A delicious cookie.
Teddy and I'll
stay here and talk.
Sure, why don't you
go ahead and adopt him?
I'm just kidding. That was
a joke. I was just joking.
I'll get your cookie.
I know you have it, Ted.
So, let's put an end
to this nonsense, shall we?
Hand it over.
I'm sorry...
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Really? Well, then...
I guess you wouldn't mind
us checking your room.
No, no, no!
Morty! McGurk!
Find the seed!
No, you can't go up there!
Guys, this is
ridiculous. Stop!
No, you can't
come in my room!
Find it!
Find it!
What is going on here?
This doesn't involve you!
Get back downstairs!
Excuse me, down there!
I don't care who you are,
you little crazy baby-man!
Get out of my house now.
This is outrageous.
Fine. Sorry.
Must have been a misunderstanding.
We'll be leaving now.
And my apologies, Ted.
You be safe.
Mind telling me
what's going on here?
The seed! Where is it?
Where's Grammy?
It's alive!
I remember you.
Ted, what...
Hey, did you want to...
Well, okay!
Ted, what is this about?
It's about this.
Wait, wait, wait.
Is that... Yes. The last Truffula seed.
And you're going to help me plant
it right in the middle of town
where everyone can see it.
I could just
kiss you right now!
We don't have
time for that.
I don't know,
we have a little time.
But, you know what, let's just
go. Let's go. Forget about it.
Here it comes!
I'm going for it.
Oh, hello!
Ted, big scary blimp coming.
You won't get away
with this, boy!
Go faster, you idiot!
Step on it, Ted!
You're fired!
Whoa! Ted, look out!
Nobody beats Aloysius O...
This is not good.
How's it doing?
Oh, really?
Oh, no. The seed!
Get that seed!
Hang on! Here we go!
Seriously, how cool
is your grandma?
Come on!
Yeah, that's right.
There it is!
Hey! Watch the road,
you meathead!
Hey, ow, ow!
Oh, come on!
What the...
Get it unstuck,
get it unstuck!
Bring it on, Teddy!
You don't have the guts!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! It's Mr. O...
Take that, shorty!
Okay, we have to get
this in the ground.
But where?
There's no dirt anywhere.
No, Grammy...
Hey, get out of there!
See, what did
I tell you? Easy. Huh?
Hey, they broke
O'Hare's head!
What do you think
you're doing, kid?
Um, I'm looking for
a place to plant a tree.
A real one.
Why would we
need a tree?
Oh, man.
The last thing you
want around here is trees.
They're filthy!
Spewing that sticky, nasty
sap all over the place.
They bring poisonous ants
and stinging bees.
Think about the kids.
And, I just thought,
you know, they make leaves!
You know that, right?
Then these leaves,
they just fall.
They just fall
wherever they want!
Come on! We know why
you're really against trees.
Because they
produce fresh air.
For free!
I am wounded!
You have lied!
It is not a lie!
It's called photosynthesis.
Come on.
She's making that up!
That's a
made-up word, people!
Thneedville is perfect
just the way it is.
We don't need trees!
That boy has a seed.
We need to stop him!
Who's with me? Come on!
O'Hare is right!
Seeds will ruin us all!
Stop it!
Last chance, kid.
Hand it over!
Where do you think
you're going?
Come on, let's go!
Get in, get in!
Stop that maniac!
Excuse me, excuse me.
Watch out!
Ted, you're going
to hit the wall!
Yeah. I know.
Wow. Did you see that?
Who does this kid
think he is, huh?
I am Ted Wiggins.
And I speak for the trees.
And the fact is, things aren't
perfect here in Thneedville.
And they're only
going to get worse,
unless we do
something about it,
unless we change our ways.
And we can start
by planting this!
Okay. Come on, now.
Everything is fine.
I say we tell this kid
what we think about that seed!
People, come on!
You! Get out there right now
and get these people on my
side, or else you're fired!
Go on, tell them
what you think.
You don't know me,
but my name's Cy
I'm just
the O'Hare delivery guy
But it seems like
trees might be worth a try
So I say let it grow
My name is Dan
And my name's Rose
Our son Wesley kind of glows
And that's not good,
so we suppose
We should let it grow
Let it grow, let it grow
You can't reap
what you don't sow
Plant a seed inside the Earth
Just one way to know its worth
Let's celebrate
the world's rebirth
We say let it grow
My name's Marie,
and I am three!
I would really
like to see a tree
I say let it grow
I'm Grammy Norma I'm old,
and I've got gray hair
But I remember when
trees were everywhere
And no one
had to pay for air
So I say let it grow
Let it grow, let it grow
Like it did so long ago
It is just one tiny seed
But it's all we really need
It's time to change
the life we lead
Time to let it grow
My name's O'Hare,
I'm one of you
I live here
in Thneedville, too
The things you say
just might be true
It could be time to start anew
And maybe change
my point of view
Nah! I say let it die!
Let it die, let it die
Let it shrivel up and...
Come on, who's with me?
You greedy dirt-bag!
Let it grow, let it grow
Let the love inside you show
Plant a seed inside the Earth
Just one way to know its worth
Let's celebrate
the world's rebirth
We say let it grow
Let it grow, let it grow
You can't reap
what you don't sow
It's just one tiny seed
But it's all we really need
It's time to
banish all your greed
Imagine Thneedville
flowered and treed
Let this be our solemn creed
Thank you, Ted.
We say let it grow
In Thneedville
We say let it grow
It's a brand new dawn
We say let it grow
In Thneedville
We say let it grow
It's a brand new dawn
You done good, Beanpole.
You done good.
By the way,
nice mustache.
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