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EG: Suri PoloPlankOne day at the food court in the mall, Suri Polomare and her friend, Uppercrust were talking about who they were going to ask to the dance/prom on Friday as they were still eating their respective meals. Suri was having a fruit salad with a apple smoothie while Uppercrust was having a club sandwich with a bottled water.Uppercrust: So, Who are you going to ask to the prom this Friday?Suri Polomare [Nervously]: Well, I was thinking of...Uppercrust [Gleefully] Come on, spill it!Suri Polomare [Nervously]: I was thinking of asking Royal Pin to the dance.[Both girls jumped out of their respective chairs, grab each other's arms like they were making a bridge for the London Bridge game and started squealing]Suri & Uppercrust [Together] EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!Uppercrust: I can't believe it. He's like one of the hottest boys at Crystal Prep!Suri Polomare: I know! I'm gonna ask him after lunch.Uppercrust: Speaking of lunch...[Uppercrust notice some of the apple smoothie spilled on Suri's skirt as it turns out, they spilled their respective meals as they jumped]Suri Polomare: Oh No! Uppercrust: Don't worry, it's only a small spill. I'm sure it can be wiped off with some soap. Just go to the restroom. I'll watch our meals for us.Suri Polomare: Ok, Thanks.[Suri jogs to restroom while Uppercrust tries to salvage what's left of their respective meals and just before she picked up the smoothie, some of the equestrian magic flew into said smoothie. Suri came from said restroom just in time for Uppercrust to placed the meals back to the table]Uppercrust: So, Did you get the stain out?Suri Polomare: More or less.Uppercrust: So, When are you going to ask Royal Pin out?[Suri takes a sip of her smoothie as she pounders what her friend said]Suri Polomare: I don't know if I should.Uppercrust: What do you mean?Suri Polomare: I mean, what if he says no or even already has a date?Uppercrust: Come on! Stop making excuses for yourself. He knows you "like" him.Suri Polomare: Maybe you're right but it still feels like I'm walking the plank.[And as soon as Suri said the very last word, her whole body started to jiggle like gelatin which is followed by a big poof of a cloud of purple dazzles that surrounds her][POOF!]Uppercrust: SURI?![And as the cloud clears, It is reveled that Suri got turned into a pirate like plankin the standing position with only her hair, eyes and mouth showing. Her hair was on top of the plank, her nose no longer existed and her mouth is now where her nose use to be]Suri Polomare [Feeling dizzy] What Happened to me?Uppercrust: Take a look for yourself.[As Uppercrust shows Suri her new form with her pocket makeup mirror, Suri was shocked as heck]Suri Polomare: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA![Suri's screams brought the attention of everyone at the mall]Cherry Crash: What is that?Thunderbass: It's a freak!Blueberry Cake: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES![Everybody ran out of the mall like they were a herd of buffalos though a field] Suri Polomare [Tearfully] I'm a freak? [Suri started sobbing like a baby who lost his/her toy]Suri Polomare: Wahhhhh!Uppercrust: Don't cry. I know someone who can turn you back to normal.[Suri calms down but still tears flow from eyes]Suri Polomare: Who?Uppercrust: You'll see.[Uppercrust lifts the planked Suri off her chair and carries her sideways]Suri Polomare: Hey! What are you doing?Uppercrust: It's easier that way.[Uppercrust carries The Planked Suri all the way to the neighborhood of Sunset Shimmer but all of a sudden, Royal Pin comes by the opposite direction the girls were going on the sidewalk. In a haste, Uppercrust puts The Planked Suri behind her back standing up]Royal Pin: Hey, Uppercrust.Uppercrust [Nervously] Hey, Royal Pin.[Royal Pin noticed something behind her back]Royal Pin: What's that behind your back?Uppercrust [Nervosly] This? Oh it' at home.Royal Pin: Really? What Happened?Uppercrust: My Dad took a shower for so long, the floor started to decay. So we're getting it replaced.Royal Pin: Oh, Good Luck with that. Bye.Uppercrust: Bye![As Royal Pin walked away, Uppercrust wiped her face with a sigh with relief as she accidentally lets The Planked Suri fall face first onto someone's lawn]Suri Polomare: AAAAAA![Flop!]Indigo Wreath: Hey! Get your plank off my lawn![Uppercrust picks The Planked Suri over her shoulder as she apologizes to Indigo Wreath]Uppercrust: Sorry, won't happen again.Suri Polomare [Under her breath] It better not!Indigo Wreath: What was that?Uppercrust: I said I love you alot![Indigo Wreath gets weirded out by that comment as he goes back into his house]Indigo Wreath: Whatever![5 Minutes later, Uppercrust and The Planked Suri finally arrived at Sunset's House]Suri Polomare: Why didn't you tell me we're going to Sunset's House?Uppercrust: I did. You were to busy being terrified by your new form to listen to me!Suri Polomare: Come to think of it, Why did you have to walk all the way from the mall to Sunset's House?Uppercrust: My Mom took my car away as punishment for maxing out her credit card 2 weeks ago.[Uppercrust knocks on the door as Sunset's father, Flintlock opens/answers the door]Flintlock Shimmer: Hello. Are you one her friends?Uppercrust: More or Less.Flintlock Shimmer: What do you mean?Uppercrust: What I mean is...[Uppercrust shows The Planked Suri Polomare standing up behind her]Flintlock Shimmer: Oh, One of the those things. Come on in.Uppercrust: This happened before?Flintstone Shimmer: 3 times a week. In-Fact just last week, Indigo Wreath got turned into a volleyball, Blueberry Cake got morphed into a literal blueberry cake and Brawly Beats got shrunk into a dwarf.Uppercrust: Oh I see. So See you later.[Uppercrust carries The Planked Suri sideways upstairs to Sunset's room as Flintlock give her daughter the warning]Flintlock Shimmer: Sunset, It's that time of the week again!Sunset Shimmer: Already? I just got over fixing the dwarfed Brawly Beats affair.[Sunset asks the question as Uppercrust carries and places The Planked Suri on her bed]Sunset Shimmer: What Happened?[10 Minutes later after Uppercrust explained what happened to Suri at the mall]Sunset Shimmer: I see.Uppercrust: So, Can you fix her?Sunset Shimmer: Maybe. Just let me write to Princess Twilight and I'll get back to you.[10 More Minutes Later]Sunset Shimmer: Ok. As it turns out, Star Swirl was working on some spells to defeat his enemies and the Plank Transformation Spell was one of them but unfortunately it was also of one his biggest failures because the spell wears off once they hiccup.[Uppercrust & The Planked Suri Polomare get weirded out by this information]Sunset Shimmer: It was during a difficult time for him. He thought one of his friends betrayed him. It's a long story. The point is all that Suri needs to do is hiccup.Uppercrust: That's It? Suri Polomare: But how can I hiccup? Sunset Shimmer: What usually makes you hiccup?Suri Polomare: When I overthink about Royal Pin.Uppercrust: So all you need to do is to overthink about your boyfriend.Suri Polomare [Blushing] He's not boyfriend! He's a boy and he's a friend but he's not my boyfriend!Uppercrust [Jokingly] What ever you say.[So The Planked Suri tries to think about Royal Pin as much as she can to the point where she was "sweating"]Sunset Shimmer: What's that coming out of her face?Uppercrust: I believe that's honey. [Unfortunately Suri's attempt failed miserablely]Suri Polomare: Oh, It's no use. I'll be stuck like this forever.Uppercrust: well not forever. You're gonna have to die at some point.[Sunset give U.C. a disapproving glare]Uppercrust: What? It's true.[So 25 minutes later, Uppercrust carries The Planked Suri sideways all the way to her home and while in Uppercrust's room at her home, they talked about Suri's predicament]Suri Polomare: What are we gonna do? I can't ask Royal Pin out as something a pirate walks off of.Uppercrust: I know. Maybe If you eat and drink a lot too quickly, you'll hiccup in no time.Suri Polomare: But where will the food go after I eat it?Uppercrust: Is that you're biggest concern right now?Suri Polomare: Not really?Uppercrust: Ok, Now let's stuff you there's no tomorrow until you hiccup.[Uppercrust went downstairs to the refrigerator in the kitchen, empties it out and runs back upstairs to her room to stuff The Planked Suri]Suri Polomare: I got a bad feeling about this.[Uppercrust stuffed Suri with a kinds of food and drinks much like how Tai Kamiya stuffed Agumon in the Digimon Episode: The Arrival of Skullgreymon. Uppercrust crammed The Planked Rich Girl with all sorts of things: Apples, Bananas, Peas, Boneless Chicken Nuggets, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Corn Flakes, Watermelon, Cherries and most of all, Citrus Mountain Dew like-soda. 15 Minutes, Well, Suri thankfully survived the stuffing, her "belly" stuck out like a Jackfruit.]Suri Polomare [Dizzy & Tried] Oh I don't feel so good[Suri's stomach started to rumble like an earthquake to the point where Uppercrust ran out of her room. All that gas came up to her mouth like she was holding her breath. The Planked Girl tried to hold it but to no avail. She let out one of the biggest burps ever heard]Suri Polomare: BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP! [The Burp was so earth shattering, it broke every window and glass item in Uppercrust's house]Uppercrust: Look what you did!Suri Polomare [Definitive] Me? It was your stupid idea in the first place! I'm surprised I'm dead after that! Uppercrust: What are we gonna do now?Suri Polomare [Sadly]: There's only one thing we can do.[On the night prom/dance at Crystyal Prep, The Planked Suri ask her friend a big favor while in the ladies restroom]Suri Polomare: Look, it's obvious I'm not gonna change back anymore soon. So could you tell Royal Pin the date is off!Uppercrust [Shocked] What?! I thought you loved him!Suri Polomare [Tearfully] I know and that's why I can't let him see me like this. He'll freak out and run away but before you tell me, please let him down gently. Tell I always love him since the day we first met. Tell him he's the best thing to ever come into my life. Could you tell him that please.Uppercrust: Ok, I will and if anyone ask, I'll tell them you're a Halloween decoration I forgot to put away.[Uppercrust walks out of the Ladies restroom and to the gym where the dance is held at to tell Royal Pin the bad news]Royal Pin: Is something the matter, Uppercrust?[Royal Pin noticed the tears slowly coming out of Uppercrust's eyes]Uppercrust: There's something I have to tell you.Royal Pin: Is it about Suri?Uppercrust: Yes. She wanted me to tell you that...[As Upppercrust as on her way to tell Royal Pin the bad news, The Planked Suri let out a big hiccup that changed her back to her human form]Suri Polomare [Loudly] HICCUP![Poof!][Suri ran out of the restroom as fast as she can and while Uppercrust was about to deliver the bad news to Royal Pin....]Uppercrust: Well, it's that..[Suri Polomare taps on Royal Pin's shoulder from behind]Suri Polomare: It's that I'll be a little late ok.Royal Pin: Oh, Ok. Shall we dance?Suri Polomare: The night away.[Royal Pin & Suri Polomare went to the prom floor and hugged each other in loving embrace to slowly dance the night away to the unlicensed knock-off of George Michael's Careless Whisper]Uppercrust: Do I know how to pull it off or what?[Hours later after the dance, Royal Pin & Suri Polomare were sitting on the outdoor lunch brunch admiring each other]Royal Pin: You know I was waiting for you to ask me to the dance all week.Suri Polomare: Really?Royal Pin: Well, Don't you have a crush on me after-all?Suri Polomare [Blushing] Well, kind of. I was afraid you might get mad and say no thus ending our friendship.Royal Pin: Nonsense! We'll always be friends no matter what. In-fact, We'll more then just friends now right?Suri Polomare [Blushing] Right![The two finally kiss each other on the lips with Suri's arms around Royal's neck and Royal's arms around Suri's wrist]Suri & Royal Pin [Thinking at the same time] May This Moment Last Forever!THE END

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