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Marik and Bakura! >.<

Hey guys!

There's one more :iconmarikishtarplz:&:iconyamibakuraplz: group here on dA. We hope you won't mind.
This is a group dedicated to following Marik and Bakura relationships which we call Angstshipping, Thiefshipping, Psychoshipping and Deathshipping. You may say, "Bwah! Same old stuff." Well, you might be right, but just partly. The first part of the group contains these relationships in their regular way, but the second part is kinda new-Angstshipping, Thiefshipping, Psychoshipping and Deathshipping in the funny way. We have to make a notice here-NO LINES OR STUFF FROM ABRIDGED SERIES because we expect you to be creative. We know you all have a sense of humor, so go ahead and make your own humor art. Remember, you can do it. Humor makes the world go 'round!
And now the rules which we believe are clear to all of you:

:heart: All kind of art is allowed here (drawings, comics, fan fics, cosplay...).

:heart: Submit your art (old or new) into following folders, but please choose the right one!
If you are not sure to which folder you may submit your art, submit it into FEATURED. Me or my assistants will do the rest.

:heart: You may submit as many deviations as you wish pro week.

:-o Abridged series and other relationships (Marik and/or Bakura pairings with other Yu-Gi-Oh! characters or with your human, mostly female OC's) are absolutely not allowed here !!!

Well, we hope the rules are acceptable and easy to follow. What to tell at the end except JOIN AND ENJOY THE GROUP. Everyone is welcome here.

:iconbigheartplz: :iconhamsterplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconhamsterplz: :iconbigheartplz: :iconhamsterplz:




The moment you've been waiting for is finally here. So let's start with the announcement of the contest's voting results based on only 2 contest voting group notes. All participants hold on!
Here they are:

:bulletorange: 3rd place wins :iconkimartess:  (7 points)

:bulletgreen:  2nd place belongs to  :iconrain-go-away:  (8 points)

:bulletpink:  And the winner of this year Funny Marik And Bakura contest is....  :iconanimepop7:  (9 points) !!!!!!!!!!!!

:party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:

:icongeneralpiggums: and :iconshadow1218: please, don't be sad guys! Thank you both for being a part of this contest. I really appreciate it.


I just found out a fact that made me sad, so really sad... :iconrain-go-away:, the winner of the 2nd place has  been deactivated her account here on dA. Regarding that fact the contes voting results are a little bit changed. Here are the new results:

:bulletorange: 3rd place wins :icongeneralpiggums:  (4 points)

:bulletgreen:  2nd place belongs to  :iconkimartess:  (7 points)

The rest stays the same.

Every participant will receive the note directly from me with the number of points, the place  she/he is on and I'll also tell/ask something about the prizes she/he wins.

And now let me remind you of  the contest prizes:

Remember, every participant of this contest wins something.
The prizes are following:

:bulletpink:1st place: A sweatshirt with my original Marik and Bakura print
on it (whatever you want dear)

:bulletgreen:2nd place: A t-shirt with my original Marik and Bakura print - I have to change this one becaust there's no way to find and buy a T-shirt in this time of the year here. The winner of the 2nd place wins a  bag made of canvas with one of my original Marik and Bakura print from my gallery.

:bulletorange:3rd place: A tea/coffee coup with my original Marik and Bakura print on

:bulletblue: The rest of participants get my original Marik and Bakura print on the corky background.

Thank you all for participating our first contest. You made amazing pieces of art.
I also thank the members who helped here with their votes.
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