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Pokemon: Avatar Mode XY

Original Avatar_Mode found here.

My Avatar Mode for players of Pokemon X and Y versions.

Some rules here don't apply to the original Avatar Mode.

Pure Normal because they are generally "ordinary" and everyday Pokemon.
Bug because anyone can catch a bug in real life, also tend to be weaker.

Flying because air and flying go hand in hand.
Psychic because monks are very spiritual.
Ghost because once again, spiritual.
Fairy because monks love all living creatures and they slay dragons (Fire Nation).

Water because, well water.
Ice because water benders are known to control ice too.
Grass because of the swamp benders.
Poison due to blood bending.

Fire because.... do I have to say it?
Dark because they are generally seen as the "bad guys". (Don't read too much into that.)
Electric because of lightning benders.
Dragon because they taught the original fire benders.

Ground because it's what the earth is made of.
Rocks, seriously, same as ground.
Steel because of metal bending.
Fighting because they are skilled fighters, aggressive.

EDIT: A fan :iconryuseitheferret: suggested an alternate way to play where you ARE the avatar.
Basically you start out as one nation, of your choice, and as you get more gym badges
you can add on in order (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, etc.).
After the 2nd badge you'd be able to use Pokemon of the next nation,
after the 5th badge you would start using Pokemon of the next, and you'll be able to use any
Pokemon after the 7th badge, allowing you a little time to train your Pokemon before
challenging the league. 
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TippyToe-Zombie's avatar

all the bending types are based on martial arts so I'd make bug earth nation and fighting would be for anyone.

Mecha-Togekiss's avatar
Why isn't bug treated the same as normal types?
Fruit-NinjaX's avatar
What about mega evolutions?
does rule 4 apply to it? 
funnyman2416's avatar
I would assume if a Mega would take it out of it's nation (ie An Air Nation player has Gyarados on it's team) that'd be against the rules.

As for rule 4, I guess it depends, you'd have to ALWAYS make it mega and never use it unless it's in Mega form.
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
This looks fun! One of my oldest fandoms meets my newest one! :D
Monguin's avatar
Too viral, this deviantArt! The two franchises mix so well because of this picture that I decided to watch Digimon Seasons 1 and 2 alongside Last Airbender and Korra respectively.

Drew this because I love drawing cute stuff and I loved Veemon and Momo:
Demiveemon and Flying Lemur by Monguin

In short notice, only Digimon rivals Avatar in terms of Pokemon crossovers, okay, other Nintendo franchises as well, but still.
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Aww, how cute! :) Momo would probably indeed get along well with little Pokemon and Digimon (I don't know as much about Digimon as I do about Pokemon, but it's cute either way)! :aww:
Monguin's avatar
I find Digimon and Avatar mostly unrelated if not for Pokemon. One is sci-fi, and the other is fantasy.
masterball2's avatar
all bug-types may be used by any nation. so people who aren't of the air nation may use ribombee?
funnyman2416's avatar
Depends how you wanna play it, if you wanna do Primary Bug types or all Bug types, then yeah. If you wanna do Pure Bug Type/Your Nation, then no. 
It's all up to the level of challenge you want to impose on yourself really.
zigaudrey's avatar
Genius point for Ghost associated with Air! Ghost are associated to spirit which it is made of air and lung are know to purify the spirit throught blood pipe.
Even for Electric with Fire cause ignition.
Even with Poison and Water as it is liquid and deadly! The opposite of Water which is liquid and vital.

Obviously, a pokemon can use any type of attacks while its type belongs to a nation.

The challenge recquire a lot of pokemon knowledge in order to get teh right pokemon.

I love how you class each type to an element! It also bring a good twist to the gameplay!
Mecha-Togekiss's avatar
what if i need an HM move to progress and no pokemon i have avalible can learn it?
funnyman2416's avatar
You could have an HM user on your team and just not use it in battle. Most regional rodents can learn most of the HMs and they're universally normal type and available to use with these rules, barring Bibarel, Diggersby, and A-Rattata.

Anyways I doubt it would be an issue unless you're doing a nuzlocke, in which case you could look up how other nuzlockers or mono-type players get past the issue.
Monguin's avatar
Trying to randomize a 3ds rom to do this to a point, including changing up the starters so that they're compatible with the Avatar rules.
funnyman2416's avatar
Interesting, who'd you end up going with?
Monguin's avatar
It depends on which nation you're supposedly playing as, which type of bender. In the case being Autumn, I decided to go with Syther, Ralts, and Ghastly, although I ran into a problem with getting a fairy type because you need a 3DS to have any Fairy types at all. I mentioned your artwork to my brother and we talked about it over the summer, came up with our own varifications on the challenge.

In fact, you have given Avatar a connection with Pokemon so strong that I at one time watched both Avatar series in conjunction with Digimon Seasons 1 and 2.
NinjaEeveeKitty's avatar
I'm actually doing this for Alpha Sapphire. I've gotten bored of the same old playthrough, but this is a new...taste, I suppose. It has a certain feel to it, like it makes it harder to battle or easier to put together a team.

I've chosen the Water Tribe, gotten myself a Water Tribe-sounding nickname, and rolled through literally everyone. You have no idea what a Marshtomp-Linoone-Beautifly-Roselia-Tentacruel-Castform lineup can do to Team Aqua, the Gyms, Kyogre, random Trainers, May, Wally, et cetera.

My only regret is not finding this earlier.

Over all, 10/10, would use it again. (Maybe for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.)
funnyman2416's avatar
Nice! Glad it worked out so good, I've only done it a couple
times myself but it's always an interesting challenge.

Let me know if you try it out again!
NinjaEeveeKitty's avatar
Redoing Pokemon Y with the Air Nation... Ghost-types FTW!
NinjaEeveeKitty's avatar
I am, actually. HeartGold with a Water-type specialist. Sure, I took some liberties, but I figure for the older ones (which are harder, in my opinion) I'll choose a type to replace. So I replaced Ice with Electric.
NinjaEeveeKitty's avatar
By the way, my journal includes my own twist on this and the Nuzzlocke. I'd be honored if you checked it out, considering you inspired it.
Ajustice90's avatar
When it comes to rule 5 would Torchic evolving and gaining the fighting type count?
funnyman2416's avatar
No, he would still retain the Fire typing so you'd be fine. Unless you're playing with the rule that makes you ONLY have your nations' typing. 

That rule is more for something like, a water nation player using Surskit, if they evolve it, it no longer is water nation compatible, only air nation can use Masquerain.
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