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Favorite Pokemon

FINALLY! My top 4 Pokemon from the first 5 Gens. The border came
from (I'm not sure how to add icons so 
here's the link).

It took months and months to finish this, and there's still some
stuff I'm not 100% about but I love the final product.

A couple gave me a trouble, namely Darkrai, Golurk, and Flygon.

I hope you like it! It took a lot of time and effort, because I only
dabble in art. I've had it sitting around for months and now that
school is over I added the last four (Feraligatr, Luxray, Golurk,
Flygon) so if you notice a slight deviation of quality between those
and all the other one's it's because I haven't used Illustrator in a
while and just got back in with those four.

Also, I know that there is now a version with 6 gens, but I wanted
to actually get this posted, so if I ever do 6th Gen I'll update this.
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