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Windows 7 Drive Icon Changer

Windows 7 Drive Icon Changer

Change the Icons of Your Drives Easily

Drive Icon Changer is a small utility

Made by Me & my friend Technology

which allows you to change icons of your Drives

Just select the Drive whose Icon you want to change

Then click on Install button which opens a Icon select windows

Select the Icon which u want to use. Thats it open My Computer to see Icon

To Uninstall the Icon select the Drive & click on Uninstall

If you like it then don't forget to say Thanks !
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nevvjeff's avatar
an someone told me if this software can be use on a windows 10 ??
Thanks 4 Sharing
HazuJa's avatar
Thanks, i fix my hard drive error icon with this software, very useful !
how can download this pls
KrishnanduKurosaki's avatar
Great!!! Worked for me :) 
mTnHJ's avatar
Have anyone noticed that the icon needs to have a number and not a name?
Took a minute to discover that but still an excellent app, thanks again..
xvEDGEvx's avatar
What a cool little tool, thanks for this
ajdip's avatar
nice tool...
mTnHJ's avatar
Thanks for sharing this at DA..
WhatisNot's avatar
A great program. It is the only one I have seen that works on optical drives under windows 8. Thanks!
catsprin's avatar
downloaded it and used it; worked fine.  i like it.
icon changer does not let you uninstall the icon
Yep, same here. It installss one new icon and then refuses to change it anymore.
How can I undo? I click on "uninstall" but the icon remains the same. How can I get back to the original icon? thanks
Hoganply's avatar
Don't suppose this works on windows 8?
ShoMpeT's avatar
artrias's avatar
awesome utility! thank you
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