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By funnydoodle
This one is made for a print/poster job. Modeled in XSI, textures done in Photoshop. Several passes were rendered separately and composited in digital fusion. Hope you all like it!

Edit: WOW... DD! I thought i've been spammed when i saw thousands of messages in my account today! Big thanks to everyone who commented!!! I'll read em all and try to answer questions if there's any.

Some answers to your questions:

Q: Did u dissect a real snail to check the insides?
A: NO. No snails were harmed during the making of this work. LOL!

Q: Is this what it really looks like in the inside?
A: You can try doing an image search on google for "snail anatomy" and you'd find similar diagrams. Here's one of the references i used: [link]
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You should have titled this one: "Kurtz's dream: epilogue"
Aesolei's avatar
I can safely say I haven't seen anything quite like this before.
The feeling that it's still alive was a great touch also, really makes it nice and bizarre :D
e-MMasArt's avatar
Now, this is something.
teeheeteepee's avatar
what an amazing piece of work.

always ridiculous to see how large the lungs are
Nieuwus's avatar
No way, This looks disgustingly great! Well done :)
Vulpes94's avatar
How on earth he can hide in there? D: This loos so intruiging
Oomizo's avatar
Wow! Cooooool! 
I love all the sliiime!XD
And congrats on the DD!
AmmoniteFiction's avatar
Great work, I like it OO,
SwiftMayoMaster's avatar
it concerns me, but i love it.
Vagabund86's avatar
SATIVA85's avatar
amazing work!
Al-Hasan-Aborrob's avatar
Wow! This is truly amazing!
BlastAttak's avatar

I had to dissect snails when I was studying in Faculty of Science and Mathematics.. It's pretty much accurate! :D Gosh darn, how this masterpiece of yours would be helpfull to me then! :D
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Very sexy 3D work.
carrot25's avatar
OMG, very realistic

I see a zombie snail, yeah!
zcramo's avatar
es magnifico muy buen trabajo como lo hiciste
Meme-Lorraine's avatar
This is sooo amazing :love:
Oddslane's avatar
Astonishing! first I though it was a real snail!! seems so real!
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