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Land Rover - Concrete Jungle

This is an old piece of work from my portfolio which i like a lot. Me and another colleague of mine, Kok Weng, worked on this one back in 2006. We were provided with the image on the left(before) and the task was to turn it into a "concrete jungle"(after).

A lot of photoshopping were done on this image together with some 3D elements done in XSI. For this job, me and Kok Weng went to the zoo to take as much photos & references as we can for the jungle elements. Hi res textures of nature such as tree barks and leaves were also taken for use in 3D. Proxy models were made in XSI to create the volumetric sunrays, and also a little bit of fog to create some depth in the image.

I hope you guys like it!
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WOW! I think you just topped this guy: [link]
Can you please make a wallpaper out of the after? I love it a lot and really want it.
1280x1024 please <3<3<#!
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wuhuuuu ! fantastic :wow:
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Holy Yyoarriors and the Minimoy's Schnitzel Song
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Oh my god, INCREDIBLE work. I can't even imagine how long this must have taken you. :0
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u put the right textures in the right place and the result is such a nice old twist in a very fresh feel...
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This is a message from outer space, notifying you've been featured in my journal. Have a great one and keep rocking the gallery! :turbopoke:
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wow that must have taken some time
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wow...awesome job :clap:
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Really nice work, it would be cool to see a larger version of the finished version.
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wow...thanks for the feature! is that an ongoing contest ?
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Yes, 12 days to go.
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whoa, just whoa :shocked:
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nice2..I like it... :shocked:
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fucking fantastic...
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oh my, wow.. and this right here is the first comment? this is amazing, good work you two, I love this
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