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First of all, thank you, all of you, for your support, fav, watch and your patience for all these mods, and thank you all of you
for include this mods in your projects.
Now, to stay clear: these mods will stay free, I'm not going to open a patreon, paypal, etc..., neither receive donations of any kind, these mods are for free, PLEASE, do not use them to receive any sort of money, and NO, I won't stop modding for the game.
These mods are only for the PC GAME, use with Autolink(which I recommend you to)
And for people that keep asking; I do not know anything about porting and I'm not interested in full porting,
includes .ascii files, .xps files, Xnalara format, .mmd file and format, honey select, and some other files and formats
so I can't help you with that, I don't know any tutorials for that, and NO, I'M NOT TAKING ANY HUCHI MODS TO WORK,
stop asking me that, even if it's for your own private use, it's just that I don't want to have anything to do with that guy, plain and simple.
This folder it's still alive, I will keep using it, and updating it with every mod

new folder in

Thank you for taking your time and read this.
Finally after a few appellations I could retrieve my older account in MEGA, all mods are mirrored here in this folder in mega, if by any reason this folder, account or any links inside gets deleted and/or banned, they won't be reuploaded again, this is it, I'm done with mega, it's up to you guys how long this folder lives.
Thank you again for your patience and support, and:

Please do not use the materials for commercial purposes.
(Include donations,, Kickstarter, etc)!78c3ha7R!SCNY-a-NdC…
That's all I have for now, thank you everyone for your patience and support, I may not be much talkative but I want you to know that I read all of your comments, thank you for your fav and watch, I hope you enjoy all this mods as I enjoyed making them, you're free to take them and remake as you want.
 These mods are only for the PC GAME, use with Autolink(download, here and guide, here), or lnk_Reshuffle(download, here and guide here), no custom DLC pack from me, made your own, and I don't know anything about Xnalara, xps, mmd, etc., and I'm not interested in porting, so I can't help you with that.
And for the people that may ask, NO, I don't take any huchi works to mod, please understand that I have my own personal reasons.
I'll be looking for another server to share, like mediafire or mega, there are people that google drive is blocked in their region, I don't know how much time will take, be patience with that.
One more thing, as Osiri Ojisan(a well known and respected modder in DOA5, LoversLab again) said
Please do not use the materials for commercial purposes.
(Include donations,, Kickstarter, etc)

Happy holidays, thank you again.
Thank you everyone,  hope you still enjoy all these mods, I've M.I.A., I know, its just that I have less time to spend on DOA5LR but soon I'll be releasing these mods, the previews here, I need time to fix some bugs and clipping issues, soon for sure, I don't know how much time, see ya.

If you don't want to go to loverslab check here, there are some NSFW images.
I've been reading all your comments, thank you so much.
It may not be a comeback or mass production, it's just something, and yeah this is thanks to the DOA5LR curse
From LoversLab now here in deviantart, I'll be sharing mixed custom mod costumes to play Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, to use them I recommend Autolink, only .TMC, .TMCL and related files, which means no custom DLC packs, due to limitations, some of these mods are not 100% perfect, you'll see some bugs and glitches, you're free to remake them as you want, nude, topless, etc. All these mods were possible thanks to the improvements and tools of DOA5 mod community.

Original thread here in LoversLab
Mixed Mods

not so daily updates, but something