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Timed Head Sketch 692 progress

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you use reference?

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i wonder, would you establish small shapes, like the earring, earlier when they play a more prominent role in the picture? say, you wanted to have a portrait revolve around the contrast of dark jewelry on bright skin, would you establish the pattern of the darks earlier, despite them becoming very fickle, detaily shapes?
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I would resolve that in a little thumbnail. I do this
like I would traditional painting. The only reason
I worked on the earing last is because when painting
traditionally, if you paint that stuff in the beginning,
it makes it difficult to work that area if you wanna make changes.
It's a good idea to leave glass frames, tattoos, jewelery, little accesories for the end
for that reason. In PS it doesn't really matter, since we have the
luxury of layers :)
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i see. that actually makes a lot of sense :) (relying on ps layers has its own pitfalls, of course. i suspect that a substantial percentage of crucial paintwork has been done on the wrong layer by accident)
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LOL, I was actually just working on this very thing. Searching through tuts trying to find a reasonable solution to drawing the jaw/neckline connection. Its something I botch constantly, I have had to just brow beat myself about it. THANKS!
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No problem sir. It's very important to connect
the head to the ribcage with that little tricky area
called the neck lol :)
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I am finding that the thing that is helping me most these days is staying present while i am drawing. Focusing on what i am doing, and not just making idle marks everywhere. This along with going over your stuff, is helping me find improvement in my doodles. Thx!
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" Draw loose, not sloppy." - Mark Westermoe-
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