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May 10, 2016
Story Time by FUNKYMONKEY1945

I was deeply captivated by it and all the small, wonderful details it holds. I really would love to see it get a place in the spotlight!
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Story Time

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Dentro di noi, siamo un pò tutti Porco rosso ;) :3
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Congratulations! This is very well done, playful and cute. Would be a good illustration for a children's book.
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need to see Porco Rosso:) great work
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"There I was, flat on my back at 30,000 feet... I put my Grumman SBD into a screaming dive..."  7@=Q
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Bravo! Congrats also on a well- deserved DD!
TheWarOfTheRing's avatar
Lovely piece! Congrats on the DD!
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So cute!! I love all of the references from the other movies!! Congrats on the DD!!
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The details are really amazing and the picture is really heartwarming! Congratulations on the very well deserved Daily Deviation!!
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Very nice tribute to Porco Rosso! That's an underrated film for sure.
not only, there is kiki, chihiro and totoro !
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Oh yeah, very true!
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Totally amazing!!!
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is the girl in pink wearing socks that are the exact same color as her skin, or does she have no toes
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this technique really reminds me of leyendecker!
I was thinking classic Rockwell/Saturday Evening Post. Excellent homage!
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Congratulations on your well deserved DD! :huggle:
Keep up the good work!
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Porco Rosso tells some of the best stories! I really like the way you have captured all of the characters' involvement in the story, the references to other Ghibli films, and the stylistic references to some of the great American illustrators. as well. Excellent work and congratulations on the DD.
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I should watch this movie some day.
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This is a truly wonderful painting and well deserved of the Daily Deviation. Congratulations! Keep producing splendid art. :)
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Congrazzles on the DD :D
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