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Intro to the forearm

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Some notes I made out for a good friend.  Sorry, there's an error with one of the arrow.  The arrow should be going the other
way on the arm in the far right corner, since it's going palms up.
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i know dis is an old post but thank you man!

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No problem :) I'm glad if they can help :)

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This is perfection, thank you
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This changes everything I know about the arm. Thank you so much! :la:
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thank you for this tutorial, it`s really perfect
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best forearm tutorial ive ever seen
Wow this is some good way to help understand the arm. Thanks~ 
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Sycra sent me.....
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came here from sycra and this tutorial really is interesting :)
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Also here by word from Sycra! Thank you for the awesome tutorial! (^- ^ )
Sycra, name dropper. Love the tutorial. Thank you!
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sycra told us to have a look here ;)
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Nao I wtch u bcos of sycra!
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A-a-a-a-a-and add another artist 2 da "Sycra train!"
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haha yo tambien vine por el video de Sycra.
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Joining the Sycra club!
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Sycra sent me here ;)
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Been studying the forearm here and there for a while. Saw this a few hours ago, and just put it into practice with some sketches from memory. It clicked. The "Goes to the top of the hand" part was the piece I could never seem to visualize until now. This, combined with my studies of Hampton's book, really helped out. Thank you.
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Sycra brought me here :D
Oh my goodness I needed this so hard.
Forearms are the spawn of the devil, I tell you!
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