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105 29th Jan 2012

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Today, for the whopping 2 hours and 45 minutes that the ticket office was open, I was unable to accept cash payments - this was due to our managers placing two members of staff with no access to the safe at the same location... so we a) couldn't get a float out, and b) couldn't secure any money at the end of the shift.

I placed two banners, much as you see here. Even so, every other customer decided to hand me cash, and I received the following comments and questions in those 165 minutes. (These are just my favourites of MANY).

"I've just queued to pay cash, why isn't there a clear sign?"

"What does this mean?" (pointing at the "no cards" signs)

"I know it says "cards only", but can I pay with coins?"

"That sign is too high, I can't see it."
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