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September 20, 2012
Airship by ~funkychinaman
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industrialworld airship
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I've oft wondered about sailing dirigibles.
cullyferg2010's avatar
That's some heavy-duty helm work to pass through such a narrow corridor of a town. 
MothvalleySage's avatar
Reminds me of "The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello"
dreamy steam punk pics kick ass! Love the sepia and silhouette.
Hello - I am creating a custom set of Magic: The Gathering cards for some friends, that I would eventually like to make available online. I have used this art on a card. Can you please let me know if I should credit it differently than "funkychinaman", or if you would prefer I not use it?

MCHolly1's avatar
Has a cool Spanish Armada feel to it.
FalconerB's avatar
Great! Very atmospheric :)
darrgo71's avatar
Very cool concept!
Tengokunoshi's avatar
freaking awesome :D:D:D
grote-design's avatar
that's a cool idea for a spaceship! i like it! :)
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congrats on your DD for this very cool piece :nod:
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I embrace this epic of which stained sorrow gazes through my heart. As though my mind is no match for the sails that stabilize through the think misted air.

whada beaut
Miapet's avatar
oh my gosh beautiful. The almost radial symmetry of the airship is very eye catching.
Nice choices of colors, composition, and texture!

I'd wanna learn how to fly one of these. :U
Yaadein's avatar
So. Much. Love.
s0larclaw812's avatar
Ooh, nice! Must take a lot of elbow-room though xD
BardofDarkness's avatar
Incredibly cool. This inspires a quiet sense of awe through the mood and colors...
Jakit's avatar
EEPIC!! Love the twist on traditional sailing ships >.< Kinda reminds me of the ships in treasure planet ^_^
tynana's avatar
Love this. Outstanding work!
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Somehow reminds me of Air Buccaneers : D (Great game btw)
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