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Sixes Wild - Lead Me On

By funkyalien
On the frontier, death runs close at hand—so close, some say the dead linger on as echos in family heirlooms.

Armed with her late father's guns, a sharp wit, and a quick pair of paws, the gunslinger known as 'Six Shooter' thought she had a bead on her way in the world. That is, until a routine bit of larceny drops her into the depths of some very unusual and dangerous schemes.

Power-mad lions, mind-bending rock, and whispers from her dead father: these a bunny can handle.

Falling in love with the local sheriff, though...that's trouble!


Remember the animation previews and progression shots I'd posted a while back? Well, now that the Sixes Wild book is available on, it's finally time to upload the finished animation!

You can download the ebook here!: [link]

Story © :icontempo321:
Buy the song: Lead Me On - Gloriana
Time to complete: approx 2-3 months (spread over a year or so)

Keywords: Sixes Wild Six Shooter Jordan Blake the rabbits a girl she just dresses like a guy
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As amazing as stuff like this is, I get kind of frustrated because I know that there's so much talent out there left unrecognized. Imagine if we opened the doors to the many great animators out there and gave them the resources to do what they wanted. If I had the money and influence, I'd invest in that.
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very nice this is something I needed after a long hard month
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They look so cute!
Soifon101's avatar
Locovate's avatar
I love it ;o;
It took me a few plays to know he's a bat c:
liitletoboe102's avatar
prrrr!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I melted so hard! X3
Ayakaru's avatar
very smooth animation, well done
NBVega's avatar
Wow, that is some gorgeous animation! Beautifully done, I must say. Tons of feeling in the frames. Very nice.
kittydemo's avatar
im never good at drawing anthro kisses
wanderer1988's avatar
AWWW... That's wonderful :aww::heart::heart: & Very beautiful work ;-) :happybounce:
funkyalien's avatar
Thank you very much!
NF8th-DaniT's avatar
Sync is pretty dog gone good!
Larchyn's avatar
this is the most EPIC thing on earth!
anubis-x's avatar
nice! simply beautiful work bro!
I'm not usually a fan of westerns but I may just have to check this out
tempo321's avatar
It won the Coyótl Award for Novel of the Year, so more general audiences seem to like it. : )
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Who else wants to see this animation extend to the whole song? XD
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Oh I'd love to do the entire song. It proved to be a bit too much work, unfortunately. ^^; Maybe on day I'll come back to it and do the whole thing.
AnselmBlackheart's avatar
hmm... what I usually do for big writing projects is create an outline, then work it in small amounts. Perhaps you could do a similar thing?
funkyalien's avatar
I already know what the rest of the animation involved - that's all been planned out. It's just that it turns out to be at least twice as much work as this first part. There's a lot more animation, background, and effects work than this first part, and this part took long enough to complete. I'd have to be sure I could work on the rest almost exclusively to complete it in any decent timeframe.

One day, though. It would certainly be nice to revisit this and complete the whole song.
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