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Character Dev Meme - Felicia

By funkyalien
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Actually, I'll just upload these as well.

Of all of my flagship characters, Felicia has been around the longest. I can't quite remember how I got the idea for her, but I just went with it. This first sketch was actually the cover to a short comic. Back then, White Shadow was set more in current times rather than the near future as it is now.

The newest iamge of her also serves as a comic cover, so this actually turned out to be a pretty good comparison across the board :)

Meme template: [link]
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This looks great.
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in 2002 she had big feets but not in 2010
funny no ?^^
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This is my favved of your characters, i like dangerous athletic girls =D=D=D
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Wow I see the improvements, but the old one was just as good. Amazing how art changes through out the years. Great job! :thumbsup:
Hi there

Oooh! I like this pics where one shows a character drawn years ago and showing how they look now ^^ Nice one!

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Good progress.
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Arf! My fav' character from you! :D
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She rocked then, she rocks now. ^^
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Sad, we can't fav+ comment like this one! :D
Razor23119's avatar
*bows* I try, my friend. XD
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