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illustro Monitor 2.0.1

By Funky7Monkey
illustro Monitor
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doesn´t work with my laptop, core i5 9th gen, gpu gtxnvidia doesn´t show anything

Hello! I couldnt load Temperatures and Gpu stats. Idk. My gpu is a Gigabyte 1660 and my cpu AMD 5500x.

Why is my cpu only displaying 2 cores when I have 10?

In case anyone's interested, I made an illustro monitor task manager "monitor" that matches the suite. It show the top 8 processes by cpu runtime in the last 5 seconds using the usagemonitor plugin. To use, find your illustro monitor suite in:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\illustro Monitor - Copy and paste any of the folders (other than the the @resources) folder and rename the folder to processes. Rename the .ini file inside the folder to Processes.ini. Copy and paste the provided ini file below, replacing the text in the file. Load the skin in rainmeter manager and enjoy.

INI File here:

how to change the temp from F to C in the weather UI?

Also, is there a way to change the GPU information - I have a EVGA card, and would like to pull from EVGA Precision X1, not MSI Afterburner

Know its been a while, but how do I add my two other hard-drives, it sees C and D but I have X and Z that I would love to monitor usage and storage

Using illustro Monitor 2.0.1 and I have a problem with network.ini. It shows me Uploaded (4.4GB) and Downloaded (98.4GB) after PC launch (stats from the last session). Does it should show the state from the PC launch (from 0.0), right? I´ve some editing of network.ini, but I couldn´t resolve that. Can you help me, please? Here is the code:

solved: added OnRefreshAction=!RainmeterResetStats under the [Rainmeter] section

I only have 8 cores, how do i change the cpu skin to reflect that?

raimneter (tray icon) > skins > illustro monitor > settings > settings.ini

Edit Number of CPU cores & threads.

Then simply refresh skin, or restart rainmeter (if it doesnt help, unload CPU.ini and then load it again)

I love this but I have one problem. I have 12 cores and for some reason core 3 and core 4 are in the same space. I can't figure out how to adjust it. Everything looks correct in the ini file.


Took a while but finally figured it out. Edit that skin and on line 290 change it from "Y=-32r" to "Y=-12r"

thank you! worked for me too!

Thanks for figuring this out and posting your results here. I had exactly the same problem with Core 3 and Core 4 occupying the same space. Your fix worked perfectly! (I used Notepad++ to find line 290.)

Love the minimalist look. Thanks.

there's a settings menu but I can't change any of the values. Anyone having this issue?

How do I change the temperature from fahrenheit to Celcius ?

Fond it. I need to change the units in the api call

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first off I wanna say great job on the skin I love the stock look of rainmeter, but im having some trouble on the temperature reading and gpu status skins its not showing any info whatsoever. if I can get this fixed my setup would be complete. any ideas on how to fix this?

Working update for the GPU.

I really like the Illustro design, so I fixed the GPU and thought I'd share the working version.

(Not sure about GPU power though.)
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