Down in the Vale - Prologue

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      "I have been called many things in my life. There have been formal titles, some granted as a reward, others coming from those who sought to control me. There have been descriptions, applied so often that they eventually fit. Many were unkind, but none unearned. Yet, through all of my lives, I have had only one name.

     There have been many tales. Some became distorted with time. Others were slander to begin with. The best were the lies that I started myself. Yet, from them all, there is only one truth, one story of how I loved, lost, became a monster, and redeemed myself.

      There are many who know at least a facet of it, but even the best of them cannot stitch together the entire saga. Few have tried, and even those who had the best intentions eventually despaired, for how could one man do all that was attributed to me? Only I know how much deserves to be laid at my feet, for I am my oldest, and best, companion.

      I have fought for both sides of a merciless war, and seen the atrocities committed by each, even perpetuating a few myself. My life has been razed and rebuilt time and time again. A spare few of my guises have been nearly worshipped, and one reviled and feared beyond any redemption. I have created works that make strong men weep in joy, and left carnage to sicken even the most hardened soldiers.

      All of my paradoxical acts have lead me to where I am now, this single point in time and space. You were not meant to be here, but perhaps someone should hear my story. After all, it truly started when I was somewhere that I should not have been.

      So sit, rest your legs, take a drink or ten. It will take days to explain who I was, but we will start with a boy. Many who are that age would protest being called so, but it certainly applied to me. I was a boy of fifteen, and my name was…

      No, I will not say. Names have too great a power. You already know mine, but I will let you recognize it in your own time. Better that way, lest you judge me too soon."
If you have read the original version of this story's first chapter, then I will warn that this may seem a separate tale entirely. However, as all roads lead to Rome, this will reach the finale that I have planned, regardless of how I may write it.

That being said, I hope that you enjoy the reboot, wherever it may lead us. Finals will put a hold on the first chapter, but look for it by the end of this month, and feel free to fire away if it isn't up by then.

EDIT(6/13/17): I was ~3000 words into a rough draft when my notebook got drenched. I will come back to this in time, but it might be a while before I get my motivation back.
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Many titles he had and yet we don't know his name. So sad.
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Reminds me a bit of the beginning tone of The Name of the Wind. (Point to ya right there anyway) Although before I forget though, you might want to catch that missing "t" in Stitch. (You've got it as Stich) 

Seems interesting, gonna try to keep an eye out for where this goes. ^^ I wish you luck in reweaving your planned tale.
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That's exactly what I was going for. Thanks for catching the typo.
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Damn it, I'm curious now! Why would you do this? Now I need to read the rest!
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To be fair, that is the main point of a prologue.
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