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The untitled scenes CXXXVIII

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x640, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Standard 4:3 version available here: -> [link] <-

Last piece before disappearing for a while for the holidays, I hope everyone has a good one.

Space is my own work, foreground-photo is a freebie from, [link]

Thanks for checking out. :peace:
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this is so cool wish i can do that.
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I love this so much, is it available for photography composite work?  I love creating composites with the kids I capture. 
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Unfortunately not, I do concider it finished piece, and the original stockphoto is no longer available, I could have linked you to it otherwise. But happy hunting for materials in any case, I'm sure you can find some stock around frosted trees here on DA and elsewhere, and also some fine planet-resources are available here on DA. With some editing skills I'm sure you'll be able to work a similar piece than mine if you wish. :)
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What tsadiah said.
I want to talk a walk there!
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Why are there 2 earths?
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They´re just some random planets, earth would be on the foreground, where the trees are growing. Or then again, it could be a completely different place with no restrictions on how the sky should look like. There could be more than two planets easily in there. :)
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That's really great! Looks like I'm on another world!
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:confused:...And Merry Christmas to you too?
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Why confused? And ya, likewise, even though I´m really late on getting back to my messages. Hope you had a good one. :peace:
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Your late? I'm barely reading your message. Anywho, Happy New Years! Your resolution should be to rule the world with art. Hah hah!
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Amazing landscape. :)
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Lovely Stuff,well done.
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Wonderful as always.
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^______^ t'was amazing
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