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The grim reaper II

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x768, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Another reaper, quicker this time, just wanted to try out the skeleton =Falln-Stock uploaded recently. And also thanks for *Paintedonmysoul for mentioning the whole thing, would have missed it without her pointing me to it. Thanks for checking out. :peace:


:iconfalln-stock: :iconailinstock: :iconbreedstock: :iconresurgere: / :icondholms: / :iconwroth:
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Whoah, this is epic, man. Thumbs up!
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Amazing!!!! Very well done.
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Amazing its very realistic
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you're the man!!!!!!
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That is amazing, although i showed my mum and she asked if it was her when she was older and then told me it looked like a skeleton with a towel over his head if i were you i'd be offended.
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Tell her that skeletons need showers too. ;P
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Fair call, i shall do that, i'm sure she'll be amused.
Glad you weren't offended it's an awesome pic.
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Wonderful!! ** and scary... :D
And grim xD
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Love these thanks!
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Nice to hear you liked. :peace:
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This is great and well exicuted. My only critisizm is the fact that the skeleton still looks like it was taken with a flash. If you shaded the inner back ribs, left side of the neck and spine, the left side of the skull and eye sockets, I think that it would really make this piece come together and make it a lot "Grimmer." Sorry, couldn't resist. Don't mean to diss, just trying to help.
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Yeah, I took a small part of the shadows away, but still, didn´t feel like spending too much time on it since the whole thing was a much quicker job than usual. So part of the shadows remained, in the rib-area especially. But thanks for the crits anyway, you´re one of the few who actually happen to give any these days it seems. And that´s always appreciated, helps keep the eyes more open while working. :)
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Well, I'm glad that I was able to contribute a bit. I hope you can do the same for me some day. I have a few things waiting in the wings, however I've haven't been able to finish them due to computer problems. :crash:

Maybe you could watch me and help me with some of your criticism. It would mean a lot to have it come from some one as skilled as yourself my man. :worship:

Talk to you soon.

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Can´t promise I can comment everything you submit, watching too many people already. :p But still, I can try, and if there´s something constructive I can think of, I´ll try to do my best & write something. :peace:
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Thanks. Anything would help. I don't have a lot of time to be creating as much as I'd like to. After retouching all day, helping to take care of 5 kids off and on (I have 3 / Fiance 2 / not full time) and Computer issues all I wanna do is catch a buzz and spend time with my woman. So, I post maybe once a month. Sorry, I got a little winded there.

Talk to you soon,
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