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June 23, 2008
The grim reaper by *Funerium is a fantastic representation of that mystical notion of death's form. The amount of thought and detail inherent to the art is wholly perceived when struck upon your monitor, and it looms beautifully out at the world before it. But don't take my word for it... go spooky-up your monitor with it and find out for yourself right now!
Featured by JesseLax
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The grim reaper

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x768, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Wallpaper outtake from a bigger piece I´m working on. Will propably post that too once it´s done, lot´s of work left in it still though. Thanks for checking out. :peace:


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just want to say you are one of my all time favorite artists on this site...your work is epic!
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Thanks, always appreciated to hear such praising comments. :)
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I am trying to do something similar to this in blender for my friends book and I am thinking about making a short animation, already have the skeleton modeled and am working on the robe and scythe now
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I like how you did the Reaper. You didn't show him as some "evil king"
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Very beautiful work!
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Hello Mr. Funerium,

I have some question about this pic... I have some video project, how i can contact you privat? thanks for feedback
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You can e-mail me at if you wish to talk to me privately. :peace:
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Love this pic, thing that makes me like it more is the skull, looks realistic and really stands out from the other pics, even the robe where its a bit open, you can see a bit of its skeleton, i must say, awesome work indeed!
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Nice to hear you liked. :painter:
The funny thing is that before being an omen of death Crows were the messenger of the gods.The legend says that in olden times the Crow was a colorful bird even more so than parrots.Athena,the greek goddess of wisom,even took it as her messenger.But the crow told one of her secrets, to punish him Athena turned his beatiful colored feathers that made his pride into the pitch Black coat we know today.Since then Owls replaced crows as the symbol of wisdom.He bacame an omen of death.
Good work.
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Nice to hear you liked. :painter:
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I featured this beautiful work in my journal [link]
Please let me know if you would like it removed :D
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Thanks for the support. :peace:
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You're welcome :D
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Thanks for the support. :peace:
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Wow I really like this version!!!
totally awesome.
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