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By Funerium
The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x640, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Standard (4:3) resolutions available here (anything from 1024x768 to 2048x1536), same artwork slightly cropped from both sides: -> [link] <-

Thanks for checking out. :peace:


[link] for the Earth.

`hameed for the moon & tiny bit of stars.

~Fune-Stock for the stars plus a couple of apo-renders.
© 2008 - 2021 Funerium
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May I ask what program are you using to create space artworks? Is it only Photoshop or ps + some rendering software? 
Thanks in advance! ;)
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Pretty much all the spacework I do is created with photoshop, except for the nebulae. Those I create allmost always with a fractal-rendering software called Apophysis. It's free and if you're interested in trying it out just google it. :) Oh, and sometimes I do use some cloud-photography for the nebulae too if I need to create some more shapes into them. But usually just fractals.
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This is beautiful, I love it. Our home....

We are within a tremendous mystery, I feel that depicted here, the wonder...
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Oooooh, gorgeous! :+fav:
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Awesome, thanks!
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Thanks - this is wonderful! :)
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thanks for the 1280x800 :)
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I love it! :D Fav'd! :)
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You sure that's not a photo? That is just... jawdroppingly brilliant.
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My budget doesn´t allow space-travel at this point, so photography is out of the question. Have to stick with various digital approaches. :p
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amazing, wish you had a 1920x1080 version of this
so nice
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I e-mailed you a version in that size, didn´t feel like uploading elsewhere since it seems that it´s not that much used resolution. :peace:
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well thank you. I've been using multiple space wallpapers you have, but i don't want to have to bother you for each :P

they're amazing, and sadly i have a 1920x1080p screen on my laptop, luckily its HD though, so it shows off what wallpapers i do find that fit =]
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Hmm, not that widespread resolution, so finding wallies with that size might be painful. Dreadful to design wallpapers too sometimes nowadays with so many different resolutions around. A lot of different sizes means also cropping the original composition, doesn´t always work with some sizes. But oh well, good to hear that some of my papers have been useful. :peace:
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Hey there! Just dropping by to let you know this piece has been featured in my "Wallpaper Wizardry" Journal, as of today, 11 -|- 25 -|- 08.

Thanks for making awesome art!
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Thanks for the support. :peace:
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wow, this is absolutely amazing
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Nice to hear you liked. :peace:
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