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Moment in space XLIX

Thanks for checking out. :peace:

Some of the planettextures used in this also available over at my stock-account, ~Fune-Stock.

EDIT: 18th, May, 2008

This artwork is not stock, even though I´m well aware that it pops up when browsing DA using the search parameters: "Space stock". So, if anyone is spotted submitting artworks using artworks from deviant *Funerium, the artwork in question will be asked kindly to be removed via a note from the original artist.

I do have a lot of space-themed stock available via *resurgere & ~Fune-Stock, so please, use those, and leave my actual art-gallery alone. I thank you for your understanding, and actually reading my art-work descriptions.

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Darn shame too its just stunning! 
jarofdirt101's avatar
awesome pic!!!! 0.0
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simply bealtiful
chiutina's avatar
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the never ending battle between good and evil represented by a single picture. very nice
DarrenD123's avatar
amazing , I hope to be as good as you someday
ChuckTealArt's avatar
This is my iPhone wallpaper. Awesome!
skylark-caricatures's avatar
Beautiful, thank you
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Amazing image.
Pure colors:)

It's like hot(left) and cold (right)
JosieTheTimberWolf's avatar
I love the colors that where chosen.
Its amazing! :boing:
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With thoughts of soulcalibur...
i really like this image it has kind of an evil and good thing going on there but very good
Hey may I use this picture to play around with in photoshop
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Sorry, this one is finished artwork, unavailable to use as stock. I do have a lot of cosmos-stock available over at =resurgere & ~Fune-Stock, feel free to check those out & possibly use. :peace:
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Awesome o0 simply awsome
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I really like how you did the clouds around it! Very neat! xD I have a question about the stars. I know there are infinite ways to make stars, but I always seem to get too many, or an unbalanced amount. Would you happen to have some tips for me when creating stars?
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The best way for creating starfields in my opinion is not to rely on filters too much, and keep the whole thing pretty much manual work. The background stars are easy to make with the traditional noise-filter trick, but it´s good to render black/white clouds on top of the noise-generated field, and set the clouds-layer to multiply for example. And also, sometimes it helps to duplicate the noise-field afterwards, and set the layermode of the duplicated layer to screen or linear dodge. That way there´s a slight sense of depth in them which is always good.

After that part it´s up the creator to decide how much variation there is on the bigger more visible stars. And the only decent way for those is simply to create one bigger star, and copy it over & over and place each individually into the whole thing. It´s kinda tedious, but still worth it, since the end-result usually is far better than the ones that are only made with noise-filters.
soPWNEDXcore's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for the tips! It really helps! :)
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Why this is yet another fantastic piece! I'm quite curious as to how space art is created. I've really developed quite the love and appreciation for it recently. :3

My favorite part of this piece is the contrast. :heart:
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