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Moment in space XCVI

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x768, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Widescreen edition here: -> [link] <-

Thanks for checking out. :eye::eye:
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Hey! I used this in my book cover if that’s allowed... 😅 if not just tell me
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This particular piece is not stock so I'm afraid it can't be used in any way. But I do have a lot of space-stock available over at :devrresurgere: in the cosmos-packs, so feel free to head over there and take a look and see if something suits your needs.

Also, I run a personal stock-account, Fune-Stock that also has spacestock available, if you find something suitable in there feel free to use. :peace:
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OMGGG  omg Foxy Intensifies Chat Icon OMG  IS HD FULL 4K
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So freaking cool!
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Is it okay to use this image as the background in a music video cover song on YouTube if I direct viewers to your portfolio in the video description?
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Yeah, as long as you add a link to my main profile ( in the videos description then it's all good. More traffic for my page is always a bonus. :) Oh, and also, once you have the video uploaded, I'd appreciate you noting me with a link to it so I can check it out, I'm always curious on seeing how people use my stock or the artworks.
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I found your piece searching the site's wallpaper and liked it, so I put it as my desktop image and it's looking great.  Lovely piece overall.
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Ooooh *-* il est magnifique celui-ci aussi (bravo!)
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Hi i was wandering if i could use this as a background for my avatar in another website.
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Yeah, I don't mind if you do, so feel free. :peace:
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Used in [link] Hope you don't mind
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I hope you don't mind but I used this for some of my projects [link] [link]
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OHHhh! amazing work!
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I'm creating an EP cover artwork for a friend of mine and this would make a great addition to the piece, it's titled "The void" and I would like to know if we can use this.
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This particular piece is finished and I don't allow any modification to it, but I do have another galaxy themed piece available at my #resurgere release, you can check it out over at this link:


If the piece in the pack is something you'd be able to use, feel free. And if you happen to upload the artwork to your DA-page, a link to it would be appreciated since I'm always curious on seeing how the stock is used. :peace:
Hey, I'm currently writing a game & this would be a great animated menu background^^ I don't think it will ever be published, but if, am I allowed to use it as Background (non-comercial)? As the point of animation, i would need to remove your URL from the Image (would be a little strange if its turning like the black hole) but i would add it via code so its not spinning ^^
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Yeah, I don't mind if you use it in the way you described, feel free to remove the url too to fit your needs. :peace:

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Hello! I am doing a group project for an assignment in my graduate program and was wondering if I could use your image as a background for a group website we are putting together. The site is strictly educational and will not be used for commercial purposes. Thanks! If this is possible how would you like us to attribute the image to you?
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IF the use is non-commercial like you said then I don't mind if you use, so feel free. And if possible, you can add a link to my main DA-page, but it's not mandatory. :peace:
it's a flyer advertisement
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