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Moment in space LXXXV

Thanks for checking out. :peace: Larger view coming someday, once the sixth cosmospack for =resurgere is done & out. Will be a long while still though. :p
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Used your wonderful stock here…. Thank you!!
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Used it here: [link]
Thanks :)
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Thank you and used here [link]
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Pb with my link , hope it is working with this new one
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Thank you and used here [link]
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hi, i'm Mark, i've used ur stock in one of my creations [link] , if you like it in a high definition, you could send to me a mail (

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Someone on another website posted this in a tutorial pack for a sig creation.. He kept the on there so people know where it came from.. I'm trying to learn the concept of blending in Photoshop so I followed through his tutorial while adding my own ideas. I hope you don't mind that I used this in my blending outcome.. I'm also trying to find the other artists that the other images came from. Here is where you can find where this really cool starfield was used: [link] ;)

*And really nice work too! I attempted stars a good while back and got this weirdly interesting starfield.. Wasn't the nicest thing to look at.. lol :p
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this is really wonderful, I love all your cosmospack! I wanted to let you know that I used this in my manip [link] , I credited you in the comment box. Thank you for creating such inspiring images!
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how do you do this stuff?
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The stars are pretty much just airbrushed spots with some layer-effects, outer glow & some inner. The actual nebulae is compiled using Apophysis-renders, rendered with apo first, and then put together & post-processed with photoshop. ~synax444 has a pretty simple tutorial about using apo-renders in space-art, you can find it here if you´re interested:


And Apophysis is also freeware & not too difficult to use, that can be found here:


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Splendidly!!! I like it !!
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Oh, beautiful :D I wish this sky were real!
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