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Moment in space LIX

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x768, hit fullview and grab it from there.

Survivor from a rather hostile holiday-cleaning of the WIP-folder, thanks for checking out. :peace:
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I don't know why, but seeing a planet with rings makes it look all the more cooler. This planet almost looks like Earth, during it's Pangaea stage, too =3. Amazing piece Clap 
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Can i use this for a photomanip?

With all of your credit of coarse!!  
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If the Earth suddenly began to falter at the price of humans' mistakes and started to die because of all the global warming, THIS would be the planet I would move to. :3
cornotiberious's avatar
This is so NEAT, Thank you! Does this world have a name? :P
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Nah, I rarely name any of my planets, so it's just an unnamed world. :peace:
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This is the awesomest Earth-like-planet picture I have ever seen. :wow: The colors are beautiful, the planet is *glowing*, and it has *rings* around it!

Brilliant. :clap: :+favlove:
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*sets as wallpaper* :love:
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I always love your space work, this one is great again, is the planet build from scratch or do you have some kind of stock you use for it?
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I´m always too lazy to do them from scratch, takes too much time. This one is built from different photo-elements (ranging from cloud-photos to different textures of the ground etc.) & a small amount of painting/drawing. Every photoelement heavily manipulated though, since they rarely look like planetary-elements in their original state.

And also, satelliteshots of earth provided by a few sites hosted by nasa are very handy to study for reference. Helps with the realism somewhat. :peace:
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Ah ok well you did an awesome job, I've made sphere's and planets before using tutorials around the web and they always came out rather nice, but i've never really created a starscape/galaxy like what you're doing :)
The-Twitching-Peanut's avatar
One Question:

Do you build your planets from textures like how Alyn does (and how I do) or do you use another method?
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I use phototextures for the base pretty much always, manipulated a lot though, and if there´s a need for a lot of details still, I try adding those with drawing/painting. But since I´m really lazy, I try to get things done with photo-elements as much as I can.
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:+fav: Wow very nice wall there! :D
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I'm not randomly :+fav:ing, it's only that your gallery is great =P
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Hehe, nice to hear you like. And thanks for the favs also. :peace:
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