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Moment in space CXIII

The pack includes the following resolutions:


For 1024x768, hit fullview and grab it from there.

This one is also available as stock in the eighth cosmos-pack over at #resurgere.

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I used it here
Water For The Flowers by Clendermens Thank you!
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Used here. Thanks a bunch! Remake (2017) by bjwebmagic
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Used here thank you! The moon and the wind by Briallu
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I feel this one
:awe::happycry: revamp 
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Used your wonderful stock here…. Thank you!!
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used here i hope like you thank you very much
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I used your wonderful stock here  Todeskuss by gestandene

thank you so much :love:

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thanks for your amazing stock :huggle:
used here Fairy Nature by lauraypablo
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 I used your stock here Thank you!
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Hi - I used your stock here, thanks a bunch :)…
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how do you do your effects like this?
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A lot of people asked me about this particular piece so I decided to make a small .psd resource of it so they can all take a look themselves on how I create the nebulae of my spacepieces. You can check out the resource here:…

I hope it helps. :)
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yeah its harder to do than it looks ill tell ya that much, i mean this was the best i could manage though i guess its just my technique that was lacking in planet and space scapes ^^; i thank you for your help though!
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Thank you very much for providing me with this wonderful stock
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Thank you very much for your stock, i use here: [link] :)
Hi, can I use this as a background for a game in my College assessment?
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Yeah, I don't mind if you do, so feel free. :peace:
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Impressive stock :wow: .......take a look here: [link]
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I used your stock here. :)
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