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M.I.S. CXIII .psd resource



This file is for study-purposes only, you are not allowed to use any of the layers of it as stock.

For the finished higher resolution stock-version download the eighth cosmos pack distributed by #resurgere, here:

One more submission for this year, a smallscale .psd of one of my space-pieces. So many of you have contacted me in the past about the technique on how I create some of the nebulae seen in my space-works, so I decided to upload this, with any luck it´ll prove useful to some. And I suck at explaining things verbally so I´d rather just show you, easier this way.

The download includes a .zipped work-in-progress .psd-file (near final though) of the work, 700x700 @ 72dpi with all the layers intact, so you can see how apophysis-renders can be used to assemble something cosmic. The renders you see in the file are not all raw apophysis-files, I have already manipulated (and airbrushed) some in photoshop to better suit my needs in creation of the final image, but still, seeing what´s there might be useful to anyone seriously interested in the subject. And of course, if anyone has any further questions about anything, feel free to ask, I always try to answer any enthusiasts if I happen to have any information that might be helpful.

Also, I´ve often instructed anyone asking about the subject to read this tutorial written by =synax444, check it out too, it might be really helpful for those interested in Apophysis & space-art.

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Hello! I used your wonderful stock image in my digital art, thanks!